Our Recruiting State of Texas

Has to improve for us to step up some in the rankings & elevate our overall talent pool. I really like the quality of 2017 class overall, with the exception of DLine. I hope new hire has some serious recruiting chops in Texas. There are a lot of good quality FB players in Texas, and we need to increase our haul of those quality players each year.
I like our efforts in LA, Oklahoma & Florida, but Texas has been a fertile recruiting ground for us in the past. I can see us closing the talent gap if we improve our recruiting in Texas. Just my opinion.

I have noticed that the Texas recruiting base discussion often devolves into an either/or argument. There seems to be a belief by some that you either focus on Texas or you focus on LA, FL etc. . Not sure people actually be live the either/or argument, that is just the way it comes out.

IMHO, Arkansas is probably healthiest in its recruiting if it uses a rule of thumb approach. 6 to 8 from instate, 10 from Texas the rest from the regional areas like LA, FL, GA and any other areas such as the Miidwest or California where we can find success.

A rule of thumb is not an absolute rule. So annual variations would be expected. Still the general expectation of 10 from Texas would probably make us a better team, year in year out. Being a better team is the utltimate goal, not where our players come from. Texas can play a part in making us better.

I am very disappointed to hear we are not signing many from Texas. That should be a no brainer.
OU and OSU live off those recruits.

Texas is tougher for us because we left the SWC and they blame us for it falling apart. There is one thing that stands out from some of the conversations with some insiders is that we never got into some of the traditional power house HS in Texas and signed someone every year to develop a pipeline. OU used decades of slush fund relationships to develop pipelines and helped get OU loyal coaches in place at many pipeline quality HS.

Your die hard fans of Texas schools don’t like Arkansas, and jumped on our losing years when we joined the SEC. They loved how we changed coaches so much and lost our relationships in Texas high schools. A&M going to the SEC impacted Texas schools badly and they doubled down on walling off Arkansas. Danny Ford responded by signing more Alabama and Louisiana kids. HDN got back in texas but signed way too many projects from Texas. Petrino didn’t do much better than HDN in Texas outside of guys like Knile Davis. He pissed off many of the top Texas HS Coaches and Texas schools did everything they could to help remind everyone in Texas.

They have made it very tough for us at the same time other national programs signed more Texas HS kids (less loyalty to Texas) and the Texas HS FB culture changed to more spread offense.