Our rebuilding year so far...............

…seems set up for a nice finish.

  1. We got all excited after winning at TCU,
  2. got pulled back down to earth by A&M and Bama,
  3. came back from those two losses to beat Ole Miss for third year in a row,
  4. ran out of gas at Auburn and caught their best game this season coming off an open date,
  5. and, now, we shook off the beat down at Auburn and stomped the #1 team in the SEC East.
  6. It is now November and, once again, the Hogs seem to be surging late in the season.
  7. Now LSU comes to play us after losing 10-0 at home to Bama, determined not to lose three in a row to us.
  8. MissState looms tougher than expected after they ripped up A&M.
  9. I am guessing we go 3-1 to finish the year and bowl game.
  10. 9-4 while almost totally rebuilding the offense is another step in the right direction.
  11. Recruiting for this next class started strong and this season should help to make more progress in improving overall talent on this team.
  12. Looks like the small but vocal fan groups that want Petrino back, or Malzahn back, or anyone who will run a HUNH offense on the Hill are going to have to cool their jets for a long time. The program is headed in a very good, solid direction and I like it.

I totally agree would rather get beat than win with the past idiot! Coach B will get it done. I do hope they would hire Coach O when LSU shows him the door. He is a great recruiter and knows defense! We have our hogs headed in the tight direction and our program can walk with pride!! Go hogs. WPS!!!

The AU loss was damaging to the program but the UF win reverses most of that damage. The Florida win and a good finish will help us sign some stud JUCO Olineman. Obviously the Florida win helps us in recruiting Florida.