Our radio color analyst assisting Chuck Barrett

Razorwill. Yes heard Matt’s post game comment about winning the conference. More fans need to have that vision for this year. Matt is right on the mark. I think this year’s team is something to be a “Homer” about… Both are great fans. That is true and it shows in the “enthusiasm” during broadcasts…

If David Shoemaker said they wanted him back on RSN badly, then I give in to those who are paid to know what is best. Guess my feelings, shared by many, are not how the producers perceive things. So, carry on and “Go Hogs”… Oh, saying the SEC could be down this year was a comment mentioned that might not come across well to the players and coaches. It they win, I hope we all can say how good the SEC is, based on how many get in the NCAA tournament each year.

Matt and Chuck are two of my better friends.

Matt is not your typical color man, but he is popular per sponsors and the radio audience that gives feedback.

It would appear that the vast majority of those who listen to him like the fact that he is a home guy - just as they did RIck Schaeffer.

Of course, there are those on message boards who don’t like him. Of course, many on message boards don’t like anything.

Oh, and the SEC is down - to me - outside of Auburn and Kentucky.


I like the Zimmer man, but he’s an exciteable boy. Exciteable boy they all said.

I LOVE Zimm! he cracks me up, and he loves the hogs as much as we all do. Love him on Twitter and love him on the radio. Very entertaining



I was thinking the same thing, Clay. He’s my favorite so far. The most knowledgeable for sure.

Love Zimm…he said early in the game we would win because our guards were so much better than their guards. He was correct. His passion comes across the airways (er internet) really well to me.

This game gives us hope against most big teams.

Didn’t hear that but Arkansas is definitely playing as well as anyone in the SEC.

i watched the game so didn’t hear his commentary during game, but turned radio on to hear post game.

i like all our radio guys. chuck barrett is the best bar none. wish he were still doing baseball, but elston fills in nicely.

In his defense, a lot of national pundits are saying the SEC is down this year. ESPN released a conference ranking, we (SEC) were 6th. The last few years we (SEC) were at worst, 3rd.

That could come back to bite a few teams come tourney time. I hope not, but it could

‘Many on message boards don’t like anything’
Not sure I like that! :wink:

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He’s not good. Scotty was way better.

I listen to every radio game broadcast & sync to muted tv. Matt’s passion & knowledge of the game is impossible for him to hide, which keeps him genuine & a great partner to Chuck. Best sidekick since Big Joe was doing radio games

I am a Scotty Thurman fan, but I never learned anything from him on the radio. He usually repeated what Chuck said as his cue to talk. Chuck had already said that. It didn’t need to be repeated. And, then about 10 seconds of his window was gone. I kept thinking Scotty was going to get better, but I was relieved when he went on the court to coach and CoachZ took his spot on the radio. Rick was on stat overload. I keep up with the stats in my mind. I don’t need them. I want analysis and what they see. Zimmerman is animated and exciteable, but he tells me what he sees. As Chuck says, he paints the picture. He tells you about defensive sets, about what is going on with the coaches and the kind of things I want the color guy to recognize.

But he is not perfect. None of us are.

Now, I will say that I probably don’t listen to every game. I don’t listen if I’m in the arena and most times at home, I’m going to watch without the radio. I do listen if I’m in the truck. That is mostly on road games.

There are lots of styles on the radio. Some that others love, I don’t like. So to each their own.


I love Zimmerman on the call as analyst.

Chuck is the one I wish was replaced. He was great for baseball and baseball is his best, but I don’t think he’s all that great for football and basketball.

Just my opinion of course.

Main thing is I like Chuck much more than Zimmerperson

Today’s game will tell us a lot, the start of the SEC

I am biased but Chuck tells me what I want. He is a pure radio play by play guy. More radio than many of his predecessors. Most are TV guys doing radio. I know I will get the facts and know he will paint the picture. I trust his judgment and his eyes. And I know he is Arkansas through and through.

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Back in the dark ages (when you had trouble getting the games on TV) I used to yell at the radio: “Give me down and distance.” or “Give me the strike and out count” or “Give me the game situation!”

Chuck always does that.

That is what I am talking about. The play by play announcer must do that. Many don’t. They are almost always TV trained, no radio background.