Our point guard play was way better ---------------

------------ than it has been all year by a huge margin. Lykes played mostly under control and was sensational at times. KK showed some ball handling and passing talent for the first time that I have seen. Devo seemed to be settling into what he can do and not trying so hard to do more than he is capable of doing. The overall team passing seemed much better. It looks like Muss finally got through to Lykes and he is flashing the all ACC talent that was advertised when he was signed. This team is improving by leaps and bounds. We got a great coaching staff!


It would be nice for KK to earn some more PT! He has a good looking shot!
It was a pleasant nice to see Luke’s have a good floor game. His passing was spot on finally.
Devo played a lot better and cut down his TO’s. The only sore spot on guard play was Notae’s 5 TO’s.

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Yes indeed it was very good but for the most part there was no one really guarding us extremely hard like a lot of teams have and that allowed us to get into the offense smoothly and ran our offense better than we normally do…

Mississippi state will give us a much better indication of how good our PG play is and for sure Auburn will.

Totally agree. Looks like this team might be peaking at the right time again this year.

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We’re definitely improved for sure but these next three or four weeks will tell us just how much…

The next 2 weeks will give us all
An indication of what the remainder of the season has in store for fans.

I got a great idea. How about just winning all the way out into April!! Yes, I know all the realities, but heck, just as well wish for it.


Yeah, why not. We won our last 9 games last season. Just do it again. That would give us a 15 game SEC winning streak and improve our SEC record by just one and a half games over last season. It will be a little harder this season, but not impossible. That would probably give us a 1 or 2 seed for the NCAA tournament

Miss St will have to deal with Notae this time around unlike at Moo U. I believe him being in the lineup Saturday makes a huge difference. If the hogs can limit their TO’s and get the free throw line it should be a W. Oh course it would be nice for the hogs to stay hot from 3!

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It does make a huge difference on both ends of the floor, we need to come out red hot and put the hammer down early and keep it down

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