Our players

Just don’t step up. Not ready for prime time players. Warren is killing us today Colton Jackson has his head you know where today. Cornelius hasn’t helped all year.
Now a dropped punt. We don’t look coached. Wish we could sign 50 and run some of these losers off.

This is supposed to be big time football. Time for the coach to weed it out. Not a time to be mr nice guy.

This bunch has been “led” by a lazy loser for their whole careers. Going to take awhile for the culture to change.

Bull. This team today looks less prepared to play a football game than any Hog team I’ve ever seen. Constant and stupid mistakes, one after another. Penalties by the bunch. This coaching staff (head coach, DC, and OC) has to own this effort today.

Were you asleep in 2016 when Auburn beat an Arkansas team with a lot more talent than this one 56-3 and the Hogs gave up an SEC record 450+ yards rushing?

No, they don’t look prepared, but I’m not sure any coach could do much to prepare a 2-8 team going on the road to play a team with clearly superior talent. There’s only so much “preparing” a coach can do. Not one of them dropped the long snap, dropped the open passes, or committed the stupid penalties.

The way to fix this problem is to recruit our way out of it & make the players believe better days are ahead.

Meanwhile, Fitzgerald is still in the game & showboating. I hate MSU


We’re you asleep in 2016 when Auburn beat an Arkansas team with a lot more talent than this one 56-3 and the Hogs gave up an SEC record 450+ yards rushing?
It may not be only you, but you will be banging your drum the loudest putting this gutless effort on Bielema.

Normally one might say that you hope these guys remember this next time, but if most our guys are the same ones there today, I wonder if getting slapped around today does not generate any more fire than it did today, what will be different?

They will get slapped around next week.

They’ve given up. The upperclassmen lack a lot of leadership. Only way to fix it is gets Bret’s mistakes out of here, and let me tell you… it’s dang near every single one of them.

I’m not talking about next week. I’m talking about next year. I don’t expect much better next week.

Yeah, today’s 52-6 (so far) beat down by a 6-4 under-achieving MS ST team is a much better coaching job.

Nothing will be different unless you have a QB to keep the team in games!
I look forward to having enough talent across the depth chart to compete. We have some talent and speed but not enough.
News flash Santos got burned yet again and carried piggy back into the end zone.
One more game to send the senior class out.
The OC set the tone for this game on the first drive with his play calling at the 19 yard line with a first down. Calling plays in the backfield and expecting JRed to block on a screen! His play calling in the LSU game was pitiful in the first half! At some point you should understand what your players can do.
Now we know what it’s like not to have one of the Allen brothers whom could throw the ball and they were both tough as nails. Neither would fit in CCM’s offense.
I’m glad this season is almost over and hope too be able to see improvement in our hogs next season.

We are full of kids who are happy to be football players but not kids who want to play football. No leaders that show up on SEC Saturday. Gawd we struggled with this vs Eastern Illinois and has not gotten better. Jeremy Pruitt had a bigger talent whole to fill and has done so far better than our staff has.

Jr is right. Many of these guys have just quit. #8 is still giving it his all, but a lot of these guys are going through the motions.

I expected a better defensive effort. MSU for the most part is one dimensional. They have one of the worst passing attacks in the SEC. We made Nick( the human chin) Fitzgerald look like Aaron Rodgers. He threw 4 touchdown passes in the 2nd half. I’m not sure he threw that many all year. I really thought we might play decent defense against a team whose passing game has been poor all year, but not the case.

On a positive note, the season will be over next Friday afternoon. We can all be thankful for that.

Didn’t say it was much better, but this team is the least talented Arkansas team in years . Couple that with a losing culture carefully crafted by a drunk blowhard over many years and you find yourself in the abyss.

Tough job ole Chad has in front of him.

I’m at the point where any thread that starts with “our players” should be deleted. “Bret’s losers”…nice. I don’t believe all those players showed up day one, year one, with a bad attitude. If they aren’t trying now, it’s likely they are just tired of getting the hell beat out of them…or Chad can’t get them to play hard…

personally I think you guys should just lay off the players on the worst team since the 50s.

Unless he can change the culture next year, we are the same disaster waiting to happen. Sorry, I’m way down in the dumps.

This program has won 6 of its last 25 games.

Let that sink in.

And a blowhard is counting his millions after recruiting and “developing” the least talented roster chocked full of guys who quit at the first sign of adversity.

And people get on to me for being hard on Bert LOL

I don’t get on you for being too hard on him.

I get on you for using middle school names.

You don’t like my style, but you agree with my substance… I can live with that!!