Our pitching coach

Needs to teach these guys to throw strikes. Who cares if you have 3 or 4 pitches if you can’t throw any of them for strikes

They had given up 8 runs and struck out 43 in the three games before today. Sometimes these types of games happen, but overall this has been a good pitching team.


I think there were 13 strikeouts Sunday also. Its not the pitching coach, sometimes pitchers have bad days. In this case, a bunch had a bad day. LOL. It happens.

Didn’t watch the game. Was it a narrow strike zone? Or was everyone just missing?

It was just a ‘bad day at the office’ for almost every pitcher we put in there. As we all know, on a given day, a pitcher is ‘on’ or 'off". Seemed like the first 5 or 6 we brought in all had ‘off’ days at the same time - where control was concerned. Plus, we lapsed into another multiple error game on defense.

The maddening thing is that otherwise (hits, strikeouts), they were more than fine. But when you walk that many . . . it comes back to haunt you.

Also - forgot to mention - wild pitches! We had a sequence one inning where the bases were loaded (on NO hits, mind you) and we had 3 consecutive wild pitches to allow 3 runs! Crazy.

I’m afraid it’s in Jackson’s head. The announcer even foreshadowed it saying something about the wild pitches the last time we saw him. He looks nervous as hell…

Multiple error GAME? We had multiple errors on one PLAY.

For whatever reason, that seems to be a signature of this team. As good as they are - and, especially for as talented as fielders that they are - they have had more multi-error plays this season than I can remember in the prior 5 seasons. When it rains - it pours!


I was almost expecting some fielding errors after about the 5th or 6th runner on base in that 3rd inning. Fielders were out there a long time with absolutely nothing to do. It was all happening on the mound. Except for McFarland’s error at first that either led off or came early in the inning (I can’t remember which), everything else happened late.

McFarland whiffed on the first batter of the inning. But you’re right, the fielders had been spectators for about 30 minutes by the time that two-error play happened.

Lot of walks, wild pitches and 3 errors will lose a lot of games. This team managed to win. I would bet if you ask the coach, he will take any win he can get in any manner that he can get it. :smiley:

Despite of that one inning the pitching has been pretty good overall! Most teams fold when an inning explodes and goes south. The Hogs got up off the mat and won. The odds weren’t in their favor. That alone speaks volumes.
Young players came in and gained experience.
Ramage’s work in the inning to leave the bases loaded was good. Not to allow a run was actually outstanding. He just couldn’t get it together once he came back out of the dugout. He’s young we will need him moving forward.
I hope Rutledge can get past the wild pitch thing he has an electric arm.
Rheindl has been really effective here lately too! The bullpen is coming together.
Lee has made some good quality pitches and got some outs as well. Also he DH and had a homer. The hogs may be in better shape headed into postseason than they were last year.

Multiple errors happen when you have multiple runners on base. That’s when the pressure comes. It’s not just this Arkansas team. It’s all baseball teams. So the pressure increases when there is a mistake. Really, what you need to do is just stay in the same level mindset throughout the play. How many times have you seen an outfielder bobble a ball, then when he realizes that a runner is taking an extra base, he makes a wild throw. I loved it earlier this season when Texas had one of those plays where the errors added up. One error led to another and it looked like a Little League team. Oh, boy that was fun to type.

I’ll never forget the announcers when we lost in Knoxville in 98 (Stoerner’s fumble). They said the difference between a good team and a great team, the great teams just find a way to win. Everyone says our pitching was awful, bunch of errors, and yet, we still won.