Our Path to Omaha Took Two Big Steps Forward Today

Long game using plenty of pitchers is my hope for the early game.coaches and players must do one at a time but fans don’t have that rule :shushing_face:

Agree with all of these pitching thoughts.

But, as Coach says, “it’s all about us”. These Hogs aren’t focused on what anyone else is or isn’t doing.

If we hit the ball like we did Saturday, nothing the opponent does will matter.

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I can’t. It haunts me. It torments and tortures me. Especially this time of year. I see that pop up foul ball, suspended in time and place. When it finally lands, I know that our opportunity to win our first baseball nattie has just been obliterated.

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Oh how I feel your pain.

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Interestingly none of us have any bearing on the results of the game tonight or any other athletic contest.

Fans: We give ourselves way to much credit.

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Speak for yourself. I was responsible for our pitching​:face_with_peeking_eye::sunglasses::joy::joy::joy:


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