Our Path to Omaha Took Two Big Steps Forward Today

We’re 2-0 … and UNC is now in their loser’s bracket.

A Super in Baum? :crossed_fingers:


Even if NC wins their regional, it will take them 5 games. I’d say our chances of hosting in Baum are about 50-50 now. We still have to win and NC has to lose, but the odds are in our favor to win and slightly against NC


I like our road play right now.


NC’s elimination game tomorrow is against Georgia, by the way, who got three TDs and a field goal today.

VCU has won 17 in a row 20/21 so they are on fire. Looks to be a team very solid Pitching. Just enough power and hitting to make them tough . But everybody you get in a super is good as we found out.

well I did wish for a Super in Baum with GA, but not sure bullies can hold up their end. FIVE teams scored as least 20 runs today and other big numbers that makes you pause and go hmmm. Tygart came in early and stayed longer than he deserved, but when would DVH have brought in Kopps if he had him again?

And getting the save yesterday for the VCU Rams, was a young man from Atlanta Georgia that I used to coach in little kid’s soccer!


Looking even beyond the Super Regionals, Stanford (#2 National seed) and Maryland (#15) are both also in the losers bracket. Not only could the Hogs host a Super, but we could also have a first game in Omaha against a “Cinderella” team (Texas State or U Conn).

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. We’ve still got work to do in Stagnantwater.

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Wow that’s awesome!! That kid has some unbelievable stats for them this year

Yes I’m certainly not looking past our next game because Oklahoma State(I think they beat MS) crowd tomorrow night will be twice as loud and we have no idea how Wiggins will come out throwing the ball and it will be very hard for us to duplicate last night’s offense as we saw last year trying to duplicate the big first game against NC State. I’m glad we’re in this situation but it will not be easy to close the deal.


Yeah Billy he played at Va Tech for 4 years and really wasn’t used very much. Really happy for him and his family. They were very good friends of ours, back in the day.

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Wow that’s even more awesome he has paid his dues for sure. He has 17 saves I saw the video highlights of that game against Stanford he has some nasty stuff would be very tough to hit. Love to see people like him succeed

I still see him in my mind, pushing a plastic dump truck while wearing a Bob the Builder tee shirt!


Seriously? Fans talking about the CWS instead of the Supers, while we are still playing in a Regional, is any more “getting ahead of ourselves” than talking about the Supers alone? :flushed::roll_eyes::grin:

I think we all know the mindset of DVH and his teams, but none of us are in that locker room. We get to talk like this.

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I expect to face OSU tonight. I just hope they have a stressful game and have their better pitchers throw a lot. I like our odds, but we all know it ain’t over.

Let’s just win the next game and go from there……. :grimacing:

Actually you can talk about anything you want. I’m just protecting myself against future heartbreak. I remember 2018 all too well. Just because a team has to beat you twice, doesn’t mean they can’t. My mind will move to the Supers when and if all the other teams in Stagnantwater have been eliminated.

Flying Pride probably would not have faired any worse, if they had given the ball to Bay Bay for a couple of innings.

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As Gas would say, “Lose the fear!”