Our offense

I have also noticed the wide receiver quick screen game has been all but abandoned. I am no coach but it HAD thought this could be easily taught and executed without much difficulty. I was wrong.

I thought that we had a pretty good stable of wide receivers on campus. Why were we going after so many receivers in this years recruiting class. I see now that we did not have a highly proficient stable of wide outs. Length and speed were sorely needed. I see that now. And I guess talent available is needed to run that aspect of the offense. Our receivers also have difficulty w press coverage and separation. Hopefully that area will be immediately fixed w this recruiting class. I think I read where we have the highest ranked recruiting class in the country as far as wrs go. Good to see.

In the Tulsa game, we completed 11 passes but only three to WR. That says something.

I am not a coach either but is some of the quick slants and fast passes due to issues with the lack of a good center?

I ask this because the QB has to depend on where the ball will be to catch and throw as fast as possible
What I see is the snap is pretty much all over the place and ruins the timing of the quick slants. The WR may be open but to reposition the ball to throw it and the window is closed
I curious what you or others may think

I think that with all of our other creaks and groans on offense the last thing we need is an adventure every time the center snaps the ball. It really seems to hurt the RPO stuff because it takes the option out of it and the QB is just looking to either immediately hand off or roll out of the pocket to pass it.

Not what I wanted it to mean, I was talking about developing the players we have to fit the system he wants to play. We are seeing improvements weekly by the roster we have now and many have been coaches opposite in many case compared to this year for 2 or 3 years. I have no intentions of throwing any of the guys we have now under the bus, I was merely saying it takes time to learn the new system and some of these guys are running short on time but have not run short on effort nor have they quit in my opinion. The expectations that some seem to have is that you can change the system in one year and be proficient running the system in hogwash I think. WPS

They need horses up front. It never changes. I do think the offensive approach is good. I’ve been amazed to watch Dustin Fry shuffle his offensive line. There have been a time or two where he’s had the same five from one week to the next, but not many.

Chad Morris said Monday that they are doing what the offensive line can handle. When they have more athletic ability, they will do more things as far as pulling and movement. When I see the movement up front, the linemen don’t always get to their spots. The pulling, screens, counters and traps are hard for this offensive line to execute. That’s at the heart of this offense.

I think some just think it’s about calling plays. Dial it up and call it and, boom, it works. It’s about figuring out each week the vulnerable spots of the defense being played, then working on plays that hurt that – then figuring out if this offensive line can run them. You take two steps forward and sometimes two steps back in practice.

As they get more talented and more experienced in the O-line, you will like this offense even more.

You also have to realize that last week’s offense was being run by a true freshman playing his second game. They don’t have much talent in the offensive line. They don’t have much talent or experience at quarterback.

The best player on offense is easily Rakeem Boyd. When he’s out there, you like the plays better, right?

Spot on Clay

Clay, as usual, is right with his observations. This staff was left terribly thin and missing talent in the O-line and everything starts there. And that doesn’t bode well for next season because we will lose three of those starting players and the recruiting (great for the overall class) for the O-line is woefully short on quality and quantity. Scary unless we turn a big corner in O-line recruiting.

I think it’s pretty unlikely that with holdover development and newcomer talent we will be any worse off on the OL in 2019 than we’ve been this year. I think we will probably be better.

We are losing one guy who likely will be drafted in the middle to late rounds(Froholdt), one guy who will either be a late round draft choice or a free agent(Wallace) and one guy who may or may not get to camp as a free agent (Gibson). So while we are losing three starters, with the exception of Froholdt the talent level is not that difficult to replace.

Capps is playing a lot more lately, and looks to be a solid starter as a senior. Clary and Jackson will be returning starters. Adcock, Clenin, and Wagner will be redshirt sophs. Gatlin will either be a redshirt freshman or a true soph. Winkel and Robinson will be redshirt freshman. So we’ve got nine returning guys, with four of the underclassmen entering that third year in the program when OL tend to develop. I just don’t see a big talent drop-off, though certainly we need more and better bodies.

I don’t remember if Merrick can play any more, but he would be a another possibility.

I think Merrick is done. Medical hardship if I remember correctly.

Yes, Merrick is done. I’m not the recruiting guy and for sure NOT the guy who has earned the name The Recruiting Guy (and that would be Richard). But I have paid attention of late that the O-line recruiting has a big focus on juco guys who can come in at mid-term. That can work at times and it can fail. But this O-line is in need of some juniors, some older guys with athletic ability and size. I expect we will see this play out over the next four to six weeks that there are going to be some additions from JC in the O-line.

The OL is losing 3 starters this yr but IMO we have a chance to be as good or better next yr.Jackson is back and although he has never been that great he is capable of playing Ok Froholdt will the only one we really will miss I think Capps is already a better run blocker than Gipson and once he gets more reps will be very good OG. I really like Gatlin and Wagner both of whom are already better Pass blockers than Walllace they will get bigger and stronger and we will not skip a beat at all IMO Clary will get biigger and stronger as well.
We already have 2 very good OL in Winkel form last yr and Beaux Limmer is going to be a VERY good OL and I am high on Tim Anderson and Cunningham the juco OL we are hoping to sign.We are headed in the right direction and in 2 yrs look out!!we will be very good IMO.
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all 4 have great feet!!! which is what you have to have to run this offense