Our offense

When we hired Morris as coach , hearing hammer down, pedal to metal etc talk, I was very excited. What I have seen is nothing near what I expected. I don’t know if it lack of talent across the board on offense or the difficulty of learning a new offense or probably a combination of the two. But what I’ve seen is far from hammer down as we were told.

Let me preface. What exactly did I expect. Quick tosses to the outside. A more hurry up tempo. Jet sweeps. Lots of motion. Long balls to streaking receivers. Spreading the field to open up running game. Quick short passes to offset a subpar line and blitz. More 5 wide formations. Making defense defend entire field. More back shoulder throws, more jump balls, etc. I think you get the point

Have seen very little of what I expected. Coach says we have 30% of playbook installed. That was even tempered this past week against Tulsa because of a true freshman starting at qb. I’m very glad we won, but if exciting is what you were looking for the game sorely disappointed. I kept looking for coach b on the sideline.

How long does it take to install more offense? Does the exciting wide open part only come w experienced qbs on campus. If we don’t get Bryant do we have to wait for Nolan or Jefferson to be jrs before we turn it loose? Are our receivers that bad? Is our qb play that bad? I watched tons of football. Lots of exciting wide open football. We weren’t one of those games.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Morris, I’m glad we got a win finally. I love his recruiting. I think he’ll do fine eventually. But if we’re going to have a pitiful season and we are well on our way to that, sure would be nice to see us let it all hang out offensively. Oh well, one can only dream.

They appear to be doing all they can handle.

We are dealing with a complete reboot, including in ways most of us can’t conceive.

Terminology (no longer using “Hoganese” apparentely)

Scheme and structure - where to stand, how to stand, these basics are included. And, when you stand in a certain spot, the expectations are now different. So, it is also “what to do when standing,” and “how to quit standing and start moving” are different.

Playcalling is radically different. Those poster boards I’ve always made fun of are entrenched on the sideline. Early games had them being deployed late, and incompletely (there were times the boards were not “up” yet before the QB was doing his thing). They aren’t much of a disguise at that point. But, it is important to go through the motions of using them because eventually they are what allow us to ramp up our speed of playcalling.

Literally, we are asking players to be in different spots than we used to ask - and if they aren’t there and the QB tosses the ball their direction, oops.

That we’ve not had a QB sent to ICU due to a blocking gaffe is rather amazing.

We should be thankful that the staff felt it wise to cross-train the OL this off-season. It slowed down, a lot, the early development of the offense but it has allowed us to stave off a massive exodus of healthy OL. First, we lost at least three high-profile prospects - Heinrich, Rogers, and Merrick - and at least a couple of others who are done do to injuries (Malone, but also Hays has been inactive all year). Cooper Sone opted to move on with his life at a time that he would be competing for PT. By my crude estimation, Kirby Adcock was the only OL who might have played Saturday who was not hurt already. Wallace, Gibson, and Jackson were all out at one point. Capps and Wagner filled in quite a bit and Shane Clenin appeared as well, but not at Center (which is what I thought was his true position). Literally, I did not see ANYONE on the sideline who looked like an OL left as an option! Yet, they have played admirably and continue to improve. Even poor Ty Clary’s snaps are starting to improve!

Similarly, we were down to our last RBs. Not sure what walk-on would assume the role if Williams and/or Hayden had gotten dinged up in the 2nd half. Whaley and Hammonds were joined by Boyd as unable to go (the former two being on crutches). No one thought you needed more than 5 RBs did they? Well, guess what?? I would guess one of the WRs might slot back there? Again, I am betting there is a walkon but do you play them if the game is competitive or do you ask a WR to give it a shot?

That is two rather significant places on the offense where we are perilously close to being out of bodies. BY my count, two freshmen redshirting, five retirements or medical hardships, and eight bodies capable of playing. Two RBs out a big chunk of the year, another one hobbled a week ago and dehydrated this week. Two left to rotate, one of whom has drawn public ire of the HC for not knowing his blocking assignments.

Glad we are doing what we are doing. And, doing it with such dire conditions.


I know what you’re saying Razorwill and I agree its not what I was expecting,I was expecting to see uptempo playing fast and I believe they just don’t think we have the personnel to do it this yr.
I guess for me the thing that I really don’t understand is we really haven’t been very creative in our pass game.I beleive there are 2 ways to be effective,youeither have great athletes and you turn them loose and let them run by people(Bama) or you run routes to get your people open.I love to watch NE play(and I know we have no Tom Brady) and they run a very simple Pass game Lots of short quick passes to slots and Lot of out routes which force the defense to come up and honor those and then they burn you deep.Brady rarely throws further than 10-15 yds.

I expect we will see a totally different offense next yr especially if Bryant comes so I am willing to give CCM the time to get all the pieces of the puzzle together and hopefully we can then go Hammer down full tilt Boogie!

I recall both under BP and at Baylor under Briles the first year the offense was in a crawl before you can walk mode, and both the coaching staffs and the players talked about how the pace and the multiplicity of the offenses picked up a lot in the second year. If you don’t have a base of system-knowledge in the program to begin with, it’s very difficult to get the entire offense to function very efficiently. So you pare stuff down until you get what you are running right.

So in addition to the obvious problems with putting square player pegs into round holes and just getting better players, when you switch to a radically different offensive system from the last regime it just takes time to build up a base of knowledge/system-experience. Barring a minor miracle, you just can’t microwave it.

Don’t think we have really seen Chad’s offense yet.

You have to walk before you can jog before you can run.

You can watch some old SMU/old Clemson games on line and see what we expect to be the case when they have better people with better football IQ to run it.

Haven’t seen those or bubble screens since first couple of games and I think the reason is the non-physicality of the WR blocking. The DB’s, even Eastern Ill and CSU, would blow up the WR assigned to block and hence the play in a flash. Have to get bigger and/or more physical receivers for that.

I think he should have said we will play “Hammer Down and Full Throttle” as SOON as we develop more players and everyone understands the system. Expectations were set just a tad high if we thought he was going to be reaching full throttle the first year or walking on water as I classify in the same realm for CCM his first year. Takes time and faith. WPS

That would be like saying we don’t expect much out of the players on campus, but just wait until we get our guys.

The OP acts like we could be doing all of CCM’s offense “at its best” right now but he just doesn’t want to for some odd reason. Like some genius in his own mind just needs to tell Morris to “do it different” and we will look like Clemson’s Championship Game offense instantly. Chad told everyone how it was going to be in the future. He did not promise when that future was going to happen. They are improving gradually this year and will improve lots more when they get more talented players. The coaches want that to happen as quickly as possible even more than the players and fans want it. No one is “holding them back” from playing faster, better, or more mistake free.

the op, who is me, is just saying the offense is not what i expected when we hired morris, and i ask the question is it because of talent, or the difficulty in learning a new offense, or both?

nothing in the post was a slam at morris, just observing the offense is nothing like i expected. i did not state hammer down, tempo, it was the coach when hired.

i understand the difficulty of a new staff with players not recruited to his system.

apparently we are running more of a conservative smash mouth football scheme because that is the talent he inherited when he got here.

and last thing to the poster who was critical of my question, i profess to be no genius in coaching football, just an observation on our offense this year. seems at times you can’t have debate without someone attaching personal attacks to their posts.

I have a hard time believing football players can only play a certain type if football. I can understand some QBs being more adept at drop back passing while other are better at the option plays. But the rest are football players running plays. We aren’t asking the offensive line to play TE. although Jason Peters was a pretty good TE who became an ALL PRO lineman. They are football players and the game is still football. I don’t buy players only being able to play in a certain system, They really and truly are athletes first and you coach them to do what you need them to do. Kind of like Slinging Sammy Baugh, when the coach told him to hit em in the eye with the football, Sammy said “which eye, Coach?”

My take is that our receivers are not very physical, either in blocking or out muscling defensive backs for the ball. Most teams in the SEC have receivers who can do that. We actually had trouble with Tulsa’s defensive backs. If you look at the 2019 recruiting class, Morris has recruited WRs who are 6’2" or taller and they are fast. Right now our physical receivers are our tight ends.

In high school you have to work with what you’ve got, and most high school coaches can and will make guys fit their system. In the SEC players are not Swiss army knives, the physical demands of the positions make it much more difficult to just plug an “athlete” into a slot and get a good result.

A 3-4 DE is not the same kind of player doing the same thing as a 4-3 DE, and 3-4 OLBs often make lousy 4-3 DEs. Lots of nose guards make lousy 4-3 DTs. Some guards are quick enough to pull in run systems, others are too slow afoot. Some centers are effective when the QB is under center but snap the ball inconsistently and don’t block well in the shotgun. Some CBs are great man-cover guys but don’t play zone effectively and vise-versa.

Some guys are always trying to learn new positions and new techniques on any college team. But when you bring in major system changes you are going to have more guys than normal who are trying to play a position which they may not be able to physically play at a high or even mediocre level.

That is a very adult response and I am humbled by it. I looked back at my post and realized I used some kinda insulting terms and you did not deserve them. I think I had a kneejerk reaction from battling elmo’s repeated attacks on Morris and went into “attack mode” when your post was more of an observation than a criticism. Yes, we all should be able to comment, observe, and even complain without folks getting all insulting when they disagree. You were the “better man” and I salute you. I will try to do better the next time I don’t agree with your post.

we can’t run the whole offense yet and shouldn’t be expected to but in all seriousness,how hard is it to teach a slant route, a down and out,10 yd square in route,buch set(3 wrs together) and them all running a differnt route,crossing routes underneath(like BP did remember jwright) all these are very easily taught and could be ran to get our Wrs open and thay basically are sack proof…NE has made a living on these routes b/c they are almost indefensible…so long story short we shouldn’t expect the full offense but we could certainly be doing more than we are doing…heck didn’t start throwing to the middle of the field(every defense weakness)until after the Auburn game(would have killed them with the TE delay with all their blitzes)

Dudley is right.

Go watch Clemson the years Chad was there. That, even more than SMU (because Chad inherited a June Jones roster…aka no TE’S at all) will tell you.

I keep saying this over and over, but what the offense will ultimately look like is in this link:

https://www.sbnation.com/college-footba … had-morris

I don’t know but 400 yards of a balanced offense against one of the best defenses in the country (Bama) means we are progressing in the right direction. That is with all the issues mentioned in this thread plus the injuries sustained afterward.
Just trying to be wide open with a lost cause mentality doesnt teach the players the complete offense.
I’m more inclined to build a hammer down / full tilt boogie Defense & the offense will take care of itself.