Our offense

Is nothing like I imagined. A bunch of tight ends in, 2 wideouts, not fast. It really looks like bielema. Why doesn’t our offense look like theirs. We are pitifully coached. With 2 wideouts that can’t get by press coverage, why no 3 and 4 wideouts, crossing routes, etc. they are run blitzing most every play, pass blitzing almost every play. Few short passes. They are playing to win. Gambling, laying it all on the line, wish we played like that

Keyword is it looks like bielemas.

His players are the ones trying to run this offense, they are slow, they don’t play hard, ultimately losing has been instilled in them.

Agree…CMM had less than 2 months to NSD…Also there are plays there…RB has been wide open in the flat for a quick pass but CK doesn’t read it and goes down the field. In fact it doesn’t look like CK is really reading anything. He is just slinging it. We are playing with what we have. Still sucks though.