Our offense

will get a big boost when we start getting consistent point production from Sills and Embery-Simpson. We have seen it a couple of times from both. It will come.

Joe needs to get back to being Joe, too. Twenty games into the season is enough to see that over time he should make more than 40% of his threes. One-for-eight over the last two games is not his game. Just one more three at Lubbock would have meant overtime.

Joe is playing sick right now! He needs to get well. Emery- Simpson and Sills need to pick up the slack. Jones showed out a little. I hope Gafford can stop the silly fouling.

I’ve been saying for a while that when Jones and Joe are putting production together at the same time, we’ll be almost unstoppable. They always seem to have good games, but never at the same time. I agree, it’s coming. Gafford needs to continue to be Gafford. Bailey the last few games has come on offensively a little. Sills and Simpson have the talent and ability, I’m just waiting for them to break out.