Our offense let us down

Macon barford and beard contributed little to nothing. They got wide open looks and missed.

Not to mention our poor defense. :frowning:

We score 80, our average, we win. I’m watching LSU and KY. Ky runs a garbage offense just like us but they make their shots. They also gave up more points to 1-9 LSU at home than we did to vandy. It’s all relative but if our offense plays likes it should we win this game. We gave up 72 which is standard in college. Standard. People see the 19-0 run as an issue with our defense when it was n issue with out offense. We had 4 points at the 11 minute mark. That terrible. Did we expect our d to hold them 4? I’m also watching KY give up 3 straight 3s because they were too lazy to close out. No this game was on our O. If barford and Macon score their average this message board has completely different threads.

Time to set Beard and Kingsley and give the freshmen playing time!! Problem is it dont matter how hard you play in MA’s system you are going to get your minutes!!! Beard and Kingsley have been horrible and should be the leaders! Team looks burned out and with whats ahead might as well get the freshmen ready for next year and maybe energize the team while doing it! Cant get any worse than it has been 3 outta last 4! JEEZE!!!