Our offense had a good day, but I don't remember ------------

----------------- our wide receivers breaking free from their secondary like theirs were breaking free from ours. The long passes completed were well covered but our throws and our receivers were good enough to defeat their close coverage. Haselwood had three guys around him on his TD catch. I thought the talent on Cincy’s team was SEC caliber and there was a lot of speed in their wideouts and secondary. Our speed is more in the reserves at wideout rather than the starters. Briles may be easing them into the mix and will be using their speed later when needed. We won, beat the spread, and that was no cupcake we played. So, I am very happy as long as the injuries sustained are not serious.

I probably missed some from the stands, but I don’t remember even seeing any of our receivers running a deep pattern. I thought maybe that was by design because of Cincy’s expected defensive scheme. Maybe the coaches felt our O-line couldn’t give KJ enough time let our receivers get deep? I hope they incorporate deep patterns in our offense going forward because KJ throws a really good deep ball.

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I don’t remember us having receivers breaking free since '10 and '11 with Mallet and that great group that was with him…

I remember Treylon Burks getting behind some good defensive backs for A&M, Bama, etc.

The A&M game will give us all an idea of how much separation our receivers can get! The important thing now is to win the next 2 games and go to Jerry’s world with a chance to be 4-0.
I’m just excited about our hogs playing hard nosed football and doing in as a team.

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Warren Thompson got behind the Bama secondary for what should have been a long TD, although it was spotted short of the goal line.

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