Our O-line was awesome Saturday

The play of our offensive line Saturday was super impressive. KJ had lots of time to let his receivers get open. Sanders was totally free to pop out to the side on his long run as our O-line steam-rolled the defenders with a blocker locked up on every potential tackler. Was KJ even touched by their pass rush much less sacked? Other than the first play of the game?

I posted this at the bottom of another thread, but thought it was significant enough of a point to have its own post.


I thought they started off a bit slow, but really got it together in the second half

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The sack on the first play of the game ruined that drive! Then the next drive the hogs were moving the ball and a fumble! The only other drive that really stink was the hold on K Jackson followed by a block in the back by Henry! Those 3 drives stand out. For the most part the offense was doing the job.

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They played OK - Auburn DL got some good penetration. I noticed that Limmer got put on his a$$ (pancaked) on one play. Thought he was too strong for that to happen. Always somebody stronger huh?

He manhandled his man 95% of the game though

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O line needs to lead way at start of Liberty game like they did in second half at Auburn. They can set the tone and tempo.

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That’s what our HC said. (I’m glad his expectations are higher than mine.)

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Yes they were and it would be great to set the tone on the first set of downs on both sides of the ball! WPS

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