Our number 9

is what I call an “artful dodger”, absolutely dedicated to not arm, but finger, tackling. Watch him for yourself and see.

On that QB run last TD he looked like he was looking for the flag to pull.

great description! Flag football describes our efforts on defense all year, especially tackling in the open field. Wish our writers would tell CBB what we think of their tackling program.

38-14 at half, Fred. Your football analysis is at its usual level of excellence.

Jeffrey, you seem to think at the first of the game our defense was stellar. Beg to differ. And I aint the jenius you are. Watch a replay, or rerun the first of the game and see for yourself a couple of missed tackles. Sure looked like flag football, and it wasn’t me that coined that term for our defense–at the first of the game.

Same #9 that tore into Chad Kelly on last play vs Ole Miss.

I was super highly frustrated in the first quarter when Miss St was going thru us like a hot knife thru butter, but my comment about this particular player on those early plays was right on.

As much as I watched for him throughout the game, I could not find him. Did he continue to rotate in, or play the whole game, or, I hope he did not have an injury. Anyone know?

I’ve been as frustrated by him as anyone but good grief, at least call him by his name.

For as badly as Santos has played at many times (including a no-show last night) he probably has the 2 biggest defensive plays of the year for us–the hit on Kelly to end the OM game and the pick 6 to start the Fla game and make a statement following our whipping at AU.

Santos has been here awhile and played a lot of football. He struggles a lot at times but are we really to the point we are so petty we aren’t going to call 20 year old kids that play for the Hogs by their name?

Defense wasn’t stellar all night…

I figured if I used his name, the thread might be pulled due to directly calling a player out. Yep, I’m shocked and thrilled by his two big hits, but those hits don’t pay the bills in flag football he sometimes/often plays.

Both fair statements