Our NIL dealings, let's talk about it

Great point Jeff….

That’s a sad deal if true…

Therein lies the problem if they’re not doing anything.Everybody assumes they are because of all the unbelievable amount of money they have to do it and because you would think they would want to really support the university when everybody else is doing it in their state.

They shouldn’t. And we don’t need them to fund everything. Plenty of successful alumni to have a strong NIL program. But there has to be coordinated outreach to get them involved and on the same page.

Yeah the Ole Miss collective comes from a lot of companies contributing as well as a lot of fans pitching in

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The Walton’s would argue that they’ve helped the University and everything that touches NWA plenty by transforming the place into a thriving metro area, in addition to hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to the University on the academic side.

We shouldn’t make this thread about their lack of involvement in athletics.

Someone needs to cultivate and coordinate the group of boosters that do want to help.

I would love to donate to a collective - they just need to take donations as small as $100. :grin:

It may be that it is best to not have transparency in your NIL program.

I would love to see ABF trucks running the interstate here in Alabama with HOG linemen pictured on the side of the trucks.

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Interesting point. OM players might say, “we’ve got $10 million and I’m only getting X?”

I appreciate anybody who supports the University and Razorback sports and understand businesses usually became successful businesses by making sound business decisions. Some will see NIL opportunities mesh with business benefit and others may not, so I can’t fault their logic.

Wild West latitude in the administration of the process seems fraught with peril, but the genie seems out of the bottle, so seemingly it is get on board or get run over. There has been some chatter that prior to the Tennessee-South Carolina game a confrontation between the QB and a defensive starter that resulted in the defender being suspended was somehow linked to a NIL related disagreement. True or not, guess it is possible.

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Well, if you are a Fayetteville business person , every dollar you spend on NIL, when spent on 5star recruits, comes back many fold when businesses prosper wya hugely successful football program. See Alabama football relative to Tuscaloosa for example.

With, not wya. My iPhone won’t let me correct it

ONERazorbackNIL does, now it does for all athletes, from my understanding. It’s run by the RF, for all practical purposes.


Ding ding……I spoke with them and told them I would hold off on starting an NIL for the average fan. I felt this was the best decision at the time but I am rethinking my decision. I do not like the state of our football program and something has to change. We need football talent and we need outside the box thinking to get this program back into national prominence. I might even suggest using the NIL money to recruit coaches and analyst to help Sam compete in the new age of coaching. This program has been dormant for way too long. More to come.

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Let’s answer that this way. “Their 5% is more than my 5%”

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