Our next opponent

May be Tennessee Tech. The Golden Eagles held off the Fightin’ Fallopians yesterday 5-4 to take the 1-0 lead in the Texas super regional. Winner gets the winner of our super in Omaha.

I thought TTU’s pitching might not be up to coming through the loser’s bracket in the Ole Miss regional, but they came through. So I’m sure not going to count them out with a 1-0 lead. We thought they might send TTU to Baum for the regional. We might see them two weeks later instead.

Swine it wouldnt suprise me if Tenn Tech beats the horns in Austin again today! They keep getting 2 strike hits and their pitching is just good enough to win. Ole Miss should have beaten them but now they are dangerous.

I have been extremely impressed with TT all of their guys go up there to hit the ball and can use the whole Ball Park they have a closer that can shut you down and a couple of very good starters this is a very dangerous team!

Tenn Tech has a couple 400 hitters…that’s pretty good in an conference. But, what is separating them is some very sound pitching (which I didn’t feel they had until they bested Ole Piss). Frankly, they appear similar to the Hogs, very sound all around.

Don’t start looking ahead to the next series until we actually win our Super regional series. I understand, we should win a 2 of 3 series at home where we are 34-3 this season, but you just don’t want to ever start looking ahead.
If we do win our way to Omaha, I just hope this team can somehow win away from home which they struggled to do all season.
I do hope they wrap up the series today with South Carolina, I fear if they don’t and it goes to a third game all the pressure would be on our team.

Go Hogs!

See what I mean about looking ahead? We are down by 6 runs late, I’m not saying we can’t come back today, but it’s a tall order now.
For those of you that were looking ahead to the possible matchups in Omaha, you need to wake up and learn some things about sports, nothing is a given and like I said if we are to lose today, all the pressure will be squarely on our Hogs!

Go Hogs!

Good post…I agree…we will be tight and SC has nothing to lose.