Our next 10 games

Now that we got Tennessee out of the way our SEC schedule gets very favorable after Kentucky.

After Kentucky our next 10 SEC games are…
Miss St.

Wouldn’t surprise me if we won our next 8 out of 10. When season first started thought TAM would be a near impossible win, but they lost a whole lot, and their younger guys really haven’t progressed as quickly as people thought. The other road games are also very winnable against Vandy, Missouri, and LSU. I think we win 2 of those 3 and run the table at home.

That would set us up nicely if things played out that way. I’ll have to see us play well at TA$M before I believe it though. We shoulda won at LSU last year. We’re better this year, and not sure that LSU is quite as good. That is definitely an opportunity, as is Vandy. I never consider any game automatic, but at Mizzou is about as close as you can get to a sure win.

Only thing about Mizzou is they hurt our RPI if we win against them, and they destroy our RPI if we lose to them. They have a 245 RPI, which is absolutely embarrassing for a P5 team. Mizzou is the type of team that keeps other SEC teams from making the tournament, these guys blow it in non-conference then when they get to conference they lower everybody’s RPI just by playing them.

I could see them winning the next ten after Kentucky game.