Our Maui opponents

Louisville, Creighton, and San Diego State aren’t doing us any favors.
Louisville is still winless on the year and could end up being the worst team we face all season.
Creighton has not won a game since playing us. They have lost four in a row and have fallen out of the top 25.
San Diego State barely beat UC Irvine and Troy, and has most recently lost to St. Mary’s. They too have fallen out of the top 25.

Looks bad on the surface but all that really matters will be how we do in conference.

SEC looks really good this year.

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Within the SEC you can’t afford to get beat by Georgia, S Carolina or Vandy! It’s water under the bridge. The hogs need to beat Kentucky, Auburn, Tennessee and Bama. Those will push the needle in the right direction.

I notice LSU and Mizzou are not listed though I suspect you agree those either or both will leave a mark against the Hogs. Those games against Auburn and Bama become crucial for wins.

Well those 2 won’t hurt like the ones I listed and they won’t help as much but those need to be wins. Especially at home. Ole Miss, Moo U and A&M. The eye sore loss is what needs to be avoided. There are a few darlings in the top of the polls. Purdue, UConn, Houston, Bama. And a few other. Our hogs need to schedule better in the non conference that’s my opinion. Build a resume to get the best seed for the dna e in March.

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Fordham is 11-1. Their only loss being to us, of course.

Wow I wasn’t aware Creighton has dropped 4 straight games since Maui. Really haven’t been paying enough attention. Yikes. Hope ‘Jays can turn it around in conference play.

Creighton is trailing by 6 to Arizona St at halftime. Neutral site game in Vegas

Creighton up 47-38 against 9-1 Arizona St.

But Hurley’s immensely talented but schzoid team finds a way to win.

To be fair, Creighton big man Kalkbrenner has not played the last few games. He did play against Arkansas.

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Hurts our SOS. I liked Hurley better when he was running to the lockeroom before he s$%t himself against Vegas in 90.

Good times.

I think having to play Louisville hurts our SOS the most. Literally playing any other team would’ve been a massive SOS upgrade over Cards.

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5 straight losses wow

A bit of karma biting back.

Resume: Unfortunately this appears to be our big win?

Earlier there was a lot of chatter about our close loss to Creighton. I actually felt good about the game as it was without Smith. Now we know Creighton has been exposed badly by others.

Arkansas’ best wins right now, in order, are San Diego State then Oklahoma. Creighton is going through it right now without its 7-footer. Bluejays have struggled inside the arc without Kalkbrenner, who I don’t believe has been fully healthy in quite a while. I follow a Creighton beat writer on Twitter and he has mentioned a lack of leadership on that team during the struggles.

Fordham may be a solid win by the end of the season, but it hasn’t beaten anyone of significance since the Arkansas game. One win over a team inside the KenPom top 170.

Unfortunately, we can’t control what our opponents do after we play them. I still believe Creighton was a Top 10 team in Maui. That said, what we CAN control is how we play. Just keep winning.

Go Hogs!

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Exactly this.

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I still like San Diego St a lot even though the Aztecs let one slip away against St Mary’s

I still think SDSU is the best team in the MWC and should win the regular season title

As far as Creighton and Oklahoma I don’t know what to think about either

Our non-conference schedule isn’t nearly as strong as other conference teams, but for this Arkansas team it’s probably about right although I wish we could have avoided playing Louisville

Kentucky has played a brutal non-con schedule and the Cats haven’t improved at all from the beginning of the season; Cats just looked bad against Yale over the weekend; playing a tough schedule doesn’t guarantee improvement; a lot of times it just beats down inexperienced teams and causes young players to lose confidence in themselves and their teammates