Our marvelous team

When thinking of how to describe our basketball team, the word “marvelous” comes to mind. Something that “causes great wonder.” “Extraordinary.” Literally, something that causes you to “marvel” at it.That is our Hog basketball team. They are, in my opinion, marvelous. And I am enjoying watching them more than I have any Hog basketball team since the era when Nolan roamed the sidelines.

What this team is not, however, is “great.” They are NOT a great basketball team. And that’s ok! I am perfectly content to “marvel” at them, watch them win more than they lose, and fight their guts out every game. And play some lovely basketball.

The loss yesterday incited something that is quite normal on the message boards. Namely, overreaction. We lost to Kentucky . At home. It stung. But is it shocking? No. We got mediocre games from two of our three best players. Against a team that was so much bigger than us it literally looked like Goliath versus David. Which worked out for the good guys in the Old Testament. But in basketball, when you are THAT much smaller? And you don’t have a bonafide superstar to make up for being small? It doesn’t usually work out for the small team.

And yet, despite Joe and JW having mediocre games, despite shooting horribly, and missing critical free throws (especially front ends of one and ones…always a killer), and despite being murdered on the boards again, we had a chance to win. A real chance.

This team is probably not going to win a championship. Not this year. We are just too small. Too thin. But its a team that might just prove that assertion wrong…and while they are playing their guts out, I am going to marvel at them. I encourage everyone to join me.


Amen, good post! WPS

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Agree whole heartedly.

I was watching old videos of the Sutton and Nolan teams earlier today and what struck me is how hard some of those teams played. I watched the March 3, 1992 game against LSU where we were down by 15 during regulation but clawed back to tie and go into overtime, winning by 14, 106-92. Mayberry had 35 and Shaq was a beast. That team worked hard. Of course the team of Williamson, Thurman, Beck, McDaniel and crew ran the court like none other. Muss has this team playing just as hard as those teams from so long ago but just doesn’t have as much talent. They have as much heart as any Razorback team in my lifetime though. Worth marveling over.

I was a manager on that 92 team that came back and beat LSU in Barnhill. I can not repeat to you what was said by Coach Richardson at halftime, but suffice it to say, he had their attention. Mayberry hit 9 3’s in that game, a school record. A couple of years later, Al Dillard asked me at shootaround what the school record for 3’s in a game was. I told him, and he told me he was gonna beat it. And he did! 12 3’s against Delaware State in the most magical season we have ever had in basketball.

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We have made free throws when we needed them to win games that we had a real chance of losing. This game is what it looks like when you miss them.

JW said it best. Sometimes you just don’t get ball to go through the hoop. This was that game. We don’t have shooters on the bench to put in when a player is having an off game. We usually go inside. That player was off too. Need depth for moments like this. It will come. For now, we will live and die by Joe, Jones and Whitt’s ability to score points.

Here’s my take. The last few weeks a few teams have dropped out of the AP top 25 and the hogs have remained the third team left out! Well this week I think there’s 4 newbies on the poll and of course we don’t get the nod.
The new Net ratings make it look like 10 or 11 Big ten teams will dance in March and 6 or 7 teams from the Big East. At some point when a team is 500 and they make the dance the lip service will change but the results will be the same. They will put the teams in the dance that make the most money!

The 11 the out this week. There is a clear indication of what the media really thinks of our hogs. So don’t hold your breathe on the hogs being ranked or making the dance. Check out who is ranked and then compare those teams to our hogs.

Army, what the media thinks doesn’t make a bloody bit of difference on who makes the tournament. The only people whose opinion matters are the 10 people who meet in Indianapolis in March. NET does make a difference and we’re still 32nd there. NC State was left out last year at 31 NET but they had a terrible Q1 record (3-9) and some Q3 losses. We’re 1-2 so far in Q1, 2-1 in Q2, undefeated in Q3-4.


I had this question last year and you answered it, but I cannot remember it.

Regarding which quadrant the win or the loss falls in, is it based on what quadrant the opponent was when the game was played or is it where the opponent is at the time of the tournament selection? Thanks.

Almost certain it’s at tournament selection time; this would make sense because Quadrant Numbers would have been fairly meaningless for games played earlier in the season.

Piggus is correct. It’s which quadrant the opponent is in after the conference tournaments. And it can change in either direction. LSU could move down, A&M could move up.

That what I thought. It is a moving target. Hopefully some slip out of Q1 and some slip in and it at least evens out.

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