Our man to man defense is really bad

How many tip ins, dunks, layups does aTm have?

You realize Williams is a possible lottery pick? And Davis is not far behind him. I appreciate everything we got down low those guys are good.

Not enough. :lol:

I do, but what does that have to do when they are getting uncontested backdoor cuts? aTm averages 69.1 per game in conference play, 13th out of 14th in the SEC.

Even Bart noted it.


Actually our man defense was better tonight than it’s been in a while. It did exactly what Mike intended for it to do. It worked to speed the game up in the 2nd half. We got 17 TOs and we may not have won this game if we’d gone to the zone.

On a night when we were not hitting our 3s (Beard, Barford, and Macon were 2-11) we needed those TOs. Of course A&M’s going to get some bunnies, but they were more than off-set by the TOs.

There was really only 2 backdoor cuts that I can remember. They started 3 6’10 guys upfront - the Williams kid is special and Davis is a stud. I thought the defense was adequate, but it was a handful keeping them off the boards.

This right here^

A lot of people see the press and think oh we gave up a couple of easy baskets, but they don’t consider how uncomfortable it made TAM. They were fatigued at the end of the game and we had fresh guys coming in to close the game, and that’s exactly what they did. CMA knows what he’s doing. The man-to-man was perfect for TAM, they are shorthanded with a big guys and underclassmen guards.

Just because aTm got tired does not mean we play man to man defense well. Obviously the press was intended to speed up the game against a team that wants to slow it down and was short handed, but it does not change the fact that our half court man defense is not very good at all. I am not even saying that playing man to man was the wrong decision against aTm. All I am saying is that when we play man to man, we don’t do it very well.

What has been the catalyst for this team apparently turning the corner?


The catalyst for this team all year has been playing multiple defenses, speeding teams up, creating turnovers and getting out in transition. At least that’s what I’ve seen in the 21 wins.

They played zone for 2 1/2 games and people act like they can’t do anything else. They just beat a team with two future NBA big man, one of those a lottery pick. We lead the whole entire game and the defense was solid, we forced 17 turnovers. I don’t see how anybody can complain about that. And I’m going to go with CMA knows what’s best for his team over Bart. I don’t know why you’re posting what he’s saying like he’s a coach or something. He’s a fan just like us, that’s on a radio show.

This is like playing cards with my brother’s kids or something. The catalyst for this team all year is NOT playing multiple defenses. Since the second half of the LSU game they have played more match up zone and it is working well. That is not an indictment on Mike Anderson. That is not an indictment on you, Blu, as a human being. It is simply an observation. I don’t think we play man to man defense particularly well. I am not alone in that belief. Using my most hated phrase, it is what it is.

I’m glad we won.

We had more successful back door cuts than A&M, so did their defense suck as well? With the size of their front line versus ours, I thought we held our own on the boards. Thought our defensive effort was pretty solid, not perfect, but solid and we definitely made their offense uncomfortable.

I just focused on the big guys tip ins and put backs you are right they did get a lot of easy buckets down low. Mike did gambled to speed the game up and we got the bad with the good, more good than Bad.

Comments: I sometimes wonder as to what game are they watching that justified this statement. A&M had two 6’10s and a 6’9 at the wing position. Of course they got some easy baskets. Until Trey came in and help Kingsley and all of those easy inside baskets ceased. Good win

Absolutely! It is probably why they are 14-13 and 6-9 in the SEC.

And by the way, aTm had 17 turnovers tonight. They average 16 a game in the SEC to begin with. They scored 77 points and averaged 69 ppg in SEC play. They shot 51% from the field. I don’t think they were too uncomfortable.

Guys, it is okay to be happy about a win yet acknowledge our deficiencies.

According to mike they had the same number of second chance points as we did. 17.

Also you might want to do a little research but we hung in there on rebounds. 33-35. Go look at how every team they played in the SEC faired this year. They out rebounded UF by 6.

First, you can chill out with the little smart remarks and comparisons to your brother kids. I didn’t come at you like that, and compare you to anything. Don’t come at me like that. We can have a civil conversation without any insults. Thanks.

Next, just because you don’t want to admit something doesn’t’ mean it didn’t happen. It’s a FACT they’ve played multiple defenses ALL YEAR LONG. It’s literally on tape. You can watch the games on watchespn.com. You listen to Bart of twitter, why not listen to actual coaches that coach against Arkansas. They almost always mention how Arkansas causes them problems by switching up defenses and speeding it up the pace. One of my favorite press conferences this year was Avery Johnson commenting on how fast we play and how hard it was for his team to keep up at that pace and the multiple defenses. But, what does he know he’s only coached in the NBA finals.

aTm shot 63% from the 2 point area tonight. In SEC play they average 50.5% from the 2 point area. They got an inordinate amount of easy baskets tonight.

It’s like some of yall don’t know that they keep stats on these things.

There is a reason that our season turned around when CMA went to playing more zone.

I wouldn’t say aTm played a particularly great game defensively either.

aTm came in with offensive efficiency of 109.8, meaning 109.8 points per 100 possessions. Tonight they scored 77 points on 68 possessions, which comes out to a 113 rating.

Essentially, they made one more three-pointer than their average for the year. Reason their amount of points scored in the game (77) was higher than their season average was because we pushed tempo thus giving them more possessions.

I don’t think that could be considered bad.