Our keys to Arkansas-Texas A&M

Pittman: "…the bottom line is we have to (1) tackle better, (2) we have to cover better and (3) we have to hang on the ball. If we do that, we’ve got a really, really good football team.”

Sounds to me that those three problems are correctable. I’m thinking, at least #3 gets seriously mitigated this week with the addition of Slusher.

Aside, I really think a 9th key is for KJ to be healthy the whole game. I am concerned that the A&M d-rush could give us challenges. How we manage that is my key.

I’m not really concerned with A&M’s pass rush. It’s been essentially non-existent the last two weeks. Each game takes on its own identity, but the Razorbacks’ O-line is the clearly superior group here, and Raheim Sanders has grown a lot in pass pro.

Arkansas’ pass-blocking grade, per PFF, is sixth best in the country and No. 1 in the SEC.


That is a WOW stat. It says a lot about Sam, Cody Kennedy, and Jimmy Smith (I’m assuming Jimmy is at least somewhat involved in pass-pro development for the RBs).

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One thing that might fit in here: The Athletic mentioned Rocket as one of 17 players who got votes in their Heisman Trophy straw poll through Week 3.

I think we can tackle better. We can fumble less. I’m not sure we can cover much better.

Covering better will help tackling. Making a tackle starts with being close to the man with the ball. It also will help if more than one guy gets there. Can Jimbo spread the secondary as well as Bobby. I don’t think he can based on what I’ve seen.

I agree with you Clay. BP did a great job with his play scheming until Odom adjusted in second half. I think that affected the eye discipline and that was enough to create separation and poor tackling.

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