Our incoming class vs SEC

I was curious of our incoming b-ball class vs the rest of the league given how much turnover we’ll have.

So far the SEC has 16 committed or signed out of the Rivals top 100. We have none of them. Right now LSU (4), KY (3), Vandy (3), Fl (3), Miss St (2), A&M (1). Several top 15 guys uncommitted so KY will likely add 1 or more.

They rank Embry, Joe, Phillips, Henderson and Chaney all between 100 - 150. Sills not in the ranking.

It’s a good group but I think we will struggle in a tough league without a Portis, Kingsley, Gafford top 50 recruit (or even experienced juco guys like Macon/Barford) next year. Goodness I hope Gafford comes back.

I feel pretty confident that Gafford will come back. He may enter his name in the draft get feedback and come back to school but he simple isn’t ready! It seems like Portis may give the young man some advice too.
The incoming class is a more talened than the seniors leaving. They may struggle some next year and that’s no different than the team did this year. At least we will have a true point guard on the team. I look forward to next season.

I never look at Rivals rating. Other ratings like ESPN has Henderson in Top 100. But I get your overall point.

As far as comparative ratings, that has been the case for the last two years. Auburn, Miss State, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and LSU have had better classes than us, Sone of them even in Top 10. We all have been worried about that the last two years.

But look what actually happened. We have held our own and finished higher than most of them the last two years. Made the SECT final last year and semis this year. Auburn and Tennessee runs this year were unexpected and they lucked out because Kentucky was flailing earlier.

It is a tribute to our coaching staff what we have accomplished given the ranking of our classes compared to others in SEC. This last class is good and the fact that there is no 5 star there would be a plus to keep this group together for at least three years.

But I agree for immediate results next year, not having a Gafford or Portis is going to make us a NIT candidate. But beginning 2019-20, having this group together for two more years will produce better results barring unexpected setbacks.

And frankly I am not sure why Chaney, Joe and Embery are not Top 100. They certainly have the look. But the most intriguing player to me in this class is Phillips.

I suggest using 247sports’ rankings, as they provide a composite ranking that includes the big three services - Rivals, ESPN and 247.

With that said, the results are similar to Rivals. Henderson is our highest ranked player at #99 (which I disagree with; ESPN is affecting that ranking) while the rest are near what you see with Rivals.

Like PJ, I really like Jordan Phillips and my gut says he’s underranked.