Our Hogs Are Still Ahead IMO This Year

I was not expecting this much improvement this year based on our roster, so I think making the NCAAT is a really good year for us. We will lose some more that are close and gut wrenching like today and LSU. Size matters in BB and we don’t have it.
I am proud of this team and can’t wait to see Muss when he has a balanced roster with some size. We all need to be patient and enjoy the ride.

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Hogdr you nailed it. This years hogs are missing the departure of Darius Hall whom had people telling the grass was greener elsewhere, Reggie Perry whom got paid to go to Moo U and the early departure of Big Dan. What would they look like with One or two of those players on the roster?
The lack of a rim protector and the offensive threat inside has made it tough. Especially with the lack of guards that create off the bounce.
CEM will make roster improvements by next season and we will notice a change.
The hogs are in good hands and I’m for being patient too.

The team played hard. Freethrow shooting really hurt us. But to be 14 -3? I’ll take it. I believe we still have a good shot at the Tournament. Need to sweep at home and steal a few more on the road to make it happen. As for size? Help is on the way. CEM has this program on the right track.

Yep. Even if we don’t make the NCAAT, my expectations are exceeded.

Now that the Hogs are fully emerged in the conference schedule we will face size and talent issues that we didn’t see that much of in the non-conference schedule.
It isn’t going to be easy the rest of the way due to our lack of size. So, we can’t afford to have many off shooting games and expect to win because we probably won’t get many second chance points.
It will be interesting to find out if they are able to play .500 the rest of the way.
I believe they can, but nothing will be easy.

Go Hogs!

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