Our heritage. Barnhill South. Final Fours

Missing NCAA tournaments is not us.

Remember. In the immortal words of Mufasa.

We are more than what we have become.



wow, watching that replay, and the one after against missouri, that was awesome. we are so far from that its disheartening … not sure we will ever be that good again. simply amazing…
made my day watching that, thanks.

I’ve got many old games from over the years and I’ve watched them
many many times. One of many things that stand out is that you do
not see glaring offensive holes on those teams. There was not really
anyone in the top 8-9 rotation that was an offensive blank.

Fast forward to recent times and we have offensive holes as starters.
Mike has brought in some good players no doubt, but he has brought
in more projects/non-productive types than he has the good and those
projects just never seem to develop.

I have many,many games also,started recording some in late 80’s. Another thing I noticed with those teams back then
they could shoot the ball . When they shot it,they shot it off the backboard. I remember one of those teams averaged 99 pts a game for the year and shot over 50% as a team

I was at the game at Reunion
It was glorious

“Those were the days my friend. We thought they’d never end.” Marianne Faithful

You made an old guy cry with joy… basketball as we once knew it.

It was HOGBALL for sure. Fun, fun times

Nothing more fun than the SWC basketball tourneys at Reunion. Well, winning the NC was more fun, but there was nothing like having all those fans in Dallas. There were more hog fans than all the others combined. “Barnhill South” was more than a nickname. It described the place. In fact, more hog fans could get into Reunion than Barnhill could hold.

I don’t remember which coach it was, Shelby Metcalf maybe?, who wanted to move the tournament from Dallas to Houston because it was always such a home court advantage to Arkansas having it in Dallas. Think about that. And he was right.

We were living in west Texas and we always made the trip to Reunion Arena. It was glorious! Hog fans dominated and the place shook with Hog calls! The rest of the SWC practically conceded the crown to us. We were to the SWC what Kentucky has been to the SEC and Kentucky was shocked at how competitive UA was when we entered the SEC. That lasted until Nolan left and it has been no match since then.

I am so depressed this Selection Sunday

Back then, they could move it to Seattle and we would own it…

U r right about that!!!