Our game on ESPNU?

Announcer just said that in Nebraska-NJIT game

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That is correct…he said it multiple times.

Same time (8 PM Central), weather allowing.

Yes, ESPNU will show the game. The Texas regional was going to be shown in that slot. I assume it will be moved to Longhorn Network.

Looking at the hourly forecast, we should be able to play, right Matt?

OM and USM on ESPNU at 630,how Can we be on at 800??

I was just wondering the same thing… will they bump OM v So MS to another channel at 8?

ESPNU is now showing OM and Southern Miss. it just started. Certainly won’t be over by 8.


ESPNU could be counting the multiple games they are doing for ESPN Squeeze Play.

My cable guide is showing another game on ESPNU after OM. Suspect it will be a JIP situation. Arkansas will show on ESPN3 until the OM game ends, then ESPNU will pick it up.

On the little corner advertiser on the Ole Miss v Southern Miss broadcast they are scrolling through scores and up coming games. They just showed the Ark v Neb game at 9(ET) ESPNEWS.

I suspect we will be on ESPN NEWS until the Ole Miss game finishes then we will be on ESPNU.

Well if so that sucks. ESPNNEWS isn’t part of my cable package, so I can’t even stream anything from that channel on the app. Was better off when it just on plain old ESPN3. Guees I’ll have to listen on the radio until the Ole Miss game ends.

ESPN News at least to start the game.

It has been moved to ESPNews.

it just came on ESPN2

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