Our Friend Seth Greenberg

Complaining on twitter that the last foul should have been a no-call and play overtime. ESPN.com has it up in the scores part of the basketball section.

They were all swatting at the ball-really not very smart under the circumstances, and the refs let IU go the first two or three times before the fourth swipe was called. I think the guy who missed the easy tap in was the one who fouled, and he did get some arm.

I seldom watch the college basketball pre-game or half-time shows, but I did today. Seth Greenberg was a little too pro-Indiana for me. After Gafford just dominated Indiana, he didn’t say anything about Daniel, while the other younger guy raved about Gafford as he was dismantling Indiana. It looked like it just pissed him off we were playing well.

What is this guy’s background? Was he a coach? He is very knowledgable, but not an Arkansas fan, for sure.

The real foul was a no call…the guy bulldozed Harris to get to the tip he missed.

He’s a hater and a cheater and he’s irrelevant.

The beautiful thing about that is that he can say it all he wants; but that will never change the call that WAS made, nor the fact that we won the game.

How many times have we known that we were screwed at the end of a game by a call or no-call that cost us a win? Didn’t see bag-o-wind Greenberg flapping his gums about those calls, didja?

So, as they used to say (for some odd reason) back in the day, Greenberg can suck an egg.

The foul could have been called on three different IU players. It was a type of ticky tac foul, but Jones clearly had the ball. It was not a bad call, it could have been a no-call, especially as it was in the last minute. But, it was a foul.

If that call were made in the first half, no one would have cared, as contact was made.

The only “however” I have, is it would have been nice had Jones made the prior free-throw…a one and one that would have iced it anyway.

Great game by these young Hogs, playing a veteran team…and Romeo is a stud…it’s good to play those types before the SEC run.

Ding, ding, ding!!!

Greenberg had something to do with Reggie Perry decommitting from Arkansas and going to play for Seth’s buddy Ben Howland at Mississippi State.

That’s a really good reason for Arkansas fans to dislike him. He knows we know, thus his antagonistic attitude.

How he didn’t surface in the Adidas trial is beyond me. Him, Bilas, and Williams all constantly sing the praises of why these kids should get paid, and Williams has actually admitted to being paid to talk to his kids (on his AAU squad).

When it comes to officiating, that game was called consistently the whole game. If they made a bad call on one team, they made the same bad call on the other. If they let fouls/traveling go on one team, they let the same go mostly for the other. The fact that neither team got into the 20’s on FT’s shows how much the refs were allowing them to play it out.

The foul got called because he partially hooked our mans arm. If you remember earlier in the game, Gafford shot two flagrant free throws for something similar(not a fan of that new rule either).

On that play, I thought he hit him, took a second swipe, then hooked his arm. Jones said he did get hit in the face. Would you have called it?

The thing that irritates me is that ESPN gives this guy a national platform while he is at the very least close to the situation that involved the federal trial. His relationship with AAU and Adidas should be exposed more so than it has been in my opinion. Greenberg is not the unbiased observer that the network wants its viewers to think.

Jones said they called a foul when the Indiana guy hit him in the face.

I would have called it, I’m just not sure about the flagrant rule.

Maybe that’s what did it then, I just remember specifically seeing his arm get hooked.

The fact that Jones hustled in between 3 IU defenders & got complete control of the ball just shocked them & they were all 3 reaching & swatting, & 1 of Jones arms/hands were pulled from the ball.
Whistle blew then. Could have been hit in the face as well

Seth is a jerk! Loud mouth! Perfect for espn!

This is a repost but I will probably repost it 100xs this year:

nberg is super shady.

Greenberg was paid by Adidas to go to Europe and coach at their big event. One of his players, there, was Reggie Perry.

https://news.adidas.com/US/images-and-v … d9d4146729

While there, Perry flipped. Shortly thereafter, Greenberg tweeted about it being the right decision.

https://twitter.com/sethonhoops/status/ … 43937?s=21

MSU is an Adidas school.

(Greenberg’s Adidas buddy who was just convicted)
https://www.oregonlive.com/business/ind … tto_f.html

(Same Adidas buddy he was hyping who was just convicted)

https://www.courier-journal.com/story/s … 741016002/

(Greenberg formerly pumping up his Adidas buddy who was just convicted)
https://twitter.com/sethonhoops/status/ … 72256?s=21

(Greenberg surrounded himself with shady characters as a HC)
COLLEGE Basketball (2014)
Out Of Power: How D.C.'s most prominent AAU leader landed in jail
https://www.si.com/college-basketball/2 … rug-arrest

“Malone grew the program to 17 teams with dozens of coaches. Former Assault coach Eric Skeeters, now an assistant at George Mason, says that Malone made a phone call to Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg that changed his career. Says Skeeters, “[Malone] said he told Seth Greenberg, ‘You can get whatever you want, whatever you need from our program.’” Two days later Skeeters flew to Blacksburg to interview with Greenberg. He was offered the job on the spot, and he accepted. “Eric did a great job in the interview and Curtis’s call had an impact,” says Greenberg. “Recruiting is about relationships.” Malone followed through, as Assault forward Deron Washington, one of three Virginia Tech players drafted since 1999, soon committed to the Hokies. “Curt was a businessman,” Skeeters says. “He understood the business of basketball.””

Latest tweet by Seth praising Mike

https://twitter.com/sethonhoops/status/ … 36704?s=21