Our Friday game is streaming only?

Razorback web site is showing ESPN3 as the only broadcast. Is that right? I’m surprised the Consensus #1 team in the country isn’t on a regular TV station. I can get the game, but not record it.

I don’t understand that, either, unless they think this one won’t be much of a contest & they have some sort of obligation to spread broadcasts around a bit.

So, is the Saturday game on TV?

I think I saw that it is, but I’m not certain

I’m looking at the TV schedule for Friday. Texass game is on Bevonet (duh). Florida game at 11 a.m. is on SECN. Miami game that night is on ACCN. Duke game at 11 am on ACCN. Vandy game at 6 is on SECN. Florida State game at Oxford is on ESPNU. Texas Tech game is on ESPNU. Everything else is streamed,

TV is decided on a per-day basis during the regional round, and ESPN’s network inventory is lower because it is televising all of the games at the Women’s College World Series this week.

If you look at it objectively, Arkansas-NJIT is not an attractive TV matchup, regardless of the fact Arkansas is ranked No. 1. The likelihood is slim of that being a game that appeals to a broad audience. It really falls to SEC Network to show the game, and for whatever reason it will show 1-4 matchups at Gainesville and Nashville instead.

Arkansas might have gotten the nighttime spot on SEC Network had it opted to play the late game in Fayetteville, but Dave Van Horn wanted the early game because he felt it set his team up best for Saturday. If Arkansas-Nebraska ends up being the Saturday night matchup, there’s probably a good chance that will make it onto a network.


They figure the chances are pretty good that UA-NJIT will be a massive blowout. If you think about it, 1-16 games in the Dance don’t get much run unless it’s close late.

And if it’s not, you can bet the farm the late innings will make their way onto a network.

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In case you’re not aware, the games are archived on the ESPN app. That might not help with your DVR situation, but they will be available to be replayed on demand.

Sandwiched between the Florida Game at 11 a.m. and the Vandy game at 6 p.m., SECN is airing the Paul Finebaum Show at 2 p.m., same time as Arkansas game. You would think with the #1 ranked and overall #1 seed being from the SEC, SECN would bump Paul for a few hours to air their game. Oh well…streaming it is.


At this point I don’t care if it is network or streaming as it doesn’t affect my viewing. For recruiting purposes the only games that really matter are the College World Series games. Get there and all of the kids we are recruiting will be watching.


IF the roles were reversed and ala. were playing KMA state, that gm would prolly be on.

got that beat harleyhawgidson,
paying 140 a month for dish have about 300 mostly unwanted channels
but also have secn and I can’t even get the game today.

Would be extra-nice if Baum had a streaming system available for us die-hard hawg fans but even then, I’m not privy to it.
I need a miracle.

I suspect that most sports bars have access to ESPN3.

If you have SECN and ESPN on any service you have access to the streaming.

You can use ESPN3 on computer, or the ESPN app on a mobile device. You have to activate that service using your login credentials for whatever platform you use to subscribe to SECN and ESPN. If you are a Dish or Direct user, you login to ESPN with those credentials when you activate your device.

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Of course, the viewing audience for the women will be much larger than a Hog game… a continuing joke played over and over.

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I can’t remember where I read it, but I came across an article a month or so ago that cited ESPN’s CWS and WCWS ratings from 2019, and they were essentially the same. I think the CWS averaged 1.1 million viewers and the WCWS averaged 1 million.

College baseball is a big TV draw in Arkansas. It isn’t nationally.

You can also download the ESPN app on a smart TV or streaming device.

Streaming is only going to become more prevalent to the sports-watching experience. The new SEC-ESPN agreement is a reflection of that. For 12 years the SEC has required that all of its football games be shown on a TV network. Now each team will choose one home game each year that will only be streamed. More basketball games are going to be streamed under the current agreement, too.