Our football uniforms

I’m not sure our football uniforms have ever looked better.

I know people have all kinds of views on this subject, but I’ve noticed in the pictures in the magazine (and the one featured in Matt’s story today about the ratings for the game last Saturday) that the Razorback red color really seems to pop. In some years, it looked to me like the helmet color and the jersey color didn’t quite match, but they look like they blend together well now.

Just a thought I’ve been having lately. Maybe it’s just me.

I know winning makes everything seem better.


Yes but how can we possibly recruit against all the cool dressed schools with these old school unis? The kids like crazy colors and stripes and pipes going in all directions. They like anthracite and black and neon pink and looking like a bananna like Baylor did on Saturday.

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Silly Eagle…you know we can’t do that any better than we were able to move the ball against that immovable Aggie Defense. You know, like all of the national (and especially, Aggie) pundits were saying before the game last week.

Just can’t be done!



To get back to the theme of the OP, I agree…couldn’t be happier with the look of our current uniforms. They really look sharp…and have represented our brand extremely well on all of the media outlets the past few weeks.


Alabama has the same uniforms they always had just plain Jane , I don’t think it matters really, winning and , having good coaches that actually care for you and your future is what matters to the moms and pops

The one great thing that happened during the Morris regime. Brought the greatest uniforms back. Hope they never go away.

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Speaking of uniforms (well, helmets anyway), I watched a little of the OU game last week (forgive me). They were wearing white helmets with red letters. If I was an OU fan I would be POed.

That’s a throwback look for OU. They wore white helmets with red stripes for years until they hired Jim Mackenzie from us in 1966 who took our uni design to the Paperclips. They’ve had the throwback uni for two or three years. The sleeves of those unis have a sort of woodgrain pattern which is supposed to refer to the Sooner Schooner, believe it or not.

Here are the Clips in the 1965 Gator Bowl. Yes that’s Fred Biletnikoff of Florida State in the picture.

Yes and No.

Yes, they (and Bama, for that matter) used to wear white helmets with a red stripe down the middle.

But Sooner never had those ugly, wavy stripes on the side of their jersey shoulders back in the day.

Bad look.

That’s the Sooner Schooner thing I referenced. Agree it’s ugly, but Jumpman is gonna do some weird stuff. I still don’t get the argyle UNC does. Supposedly there’s some fashion designer who is a UNC alum that added that. Unfortunately they kept it around.

It looked to me like those helmets had a black stripe instead of a red one. Was not a great a look IMHO, but better than what Bayluh wore on Saturday.

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Baylor and Oregon are in a continuous competition for the title of “Highlighter U”.


Color blind is what I figure.

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