Our first look at Bracket Matrix for 2020

Since Joe Lunardi hasn’t updated this week, thought I’d go to the mother of all bracketology sites for the first update of the season. Right now they’re surveying 34 bracket sites. By March it will be more than 100, but that many sites tend to smooth out the outliers and you see how teams are perceived.

They have the Hogs as a 10 seed now, in the field in 28 of the 34 sites. Five SEC teams in all, from Auburn as a 2 to Florida as an 11. Kentucky and Tennessee are the others (7 and 9 seed respectively). I looked up the six that left us out. Three of them actually have been updated since Sunday and now have us in the field. One is Jerry Palm, who hasn’t updated in 11 days (since Jerry is a Purdue guy, he’s no doubt pleased that we beat the Hoosiers). On the other end, one guy has us as a 6 seed.

Bracket Matrix says Lunardi has us as a 12, but I don’t know where they got that since neither his site nor his tweets reflect that.

Bracketology on ESPN (Lunardi) was last updated on Dec 23. He had us as a 12 seed in a play-in game.

I’m guessing what you’re looking at is going by his last update.

You’re right. And then by Saturday his tweets had us out of the field entirely. He also tweeted his next update will be on Friday.

Yes, just looked it up. He had us as the first team out, but on Sunday he replied to a poster Saying that AR should be back in and gave the tweet two thumbs up. So, he should have us back in the field.

What is interesting to me, he had Indiana a 6 seed on Dec 23. Don’t know how much we will move up, or they’ll move down on the next update.

Interesting to see that of the 5 SEC teams in the field as of now I don’t see “Reggie $$$ Perry” and his Mississippi State $$$Dogs.
I certainly hope that ends up being the case and I hope Arkansas wins both games against these cheaters this season.

As far as Arkansas and it’s making the big dance I believe if we can remain healthy and injury free we could surprise a lot of folks and be dancing in March.

We were a play in 12 a few weeks back.

Matrix itself hasn’t been updated since the 26th so the next update will be interesting. I’m guessing that may happen tomorrow.