Our first hire this off season needs to be....

a sports psychologist.

And I’m not kidding. You don’t go up 24-0 in the first half without the talent to win. It’s mainly between the ears.

I agree on the mental aspect of winning and this team. I was very disappointed in the end of the season, but I do not think this team is as far off from being really good as most others are.

Most college football and basketball programs use psychologists and many have them on staff.

Arkansas is one of those.

I know when I was in the basketball program with Coach Sutton that they were used.

our sports psychologist

There’s not just one.

That’s what the whole Jerry and Gene Jones Student Success Center is all about - the health and welfare of the student athlete.

They have helped many student-athletes deal with things in their lives - on and off the field, deaths in the family, other stress.

You be amazed at those who have shared with me privately the struggles that they have had to overcome

Mental health is not a joking matter or something to carelessly make a comment about.

The problems with the football team land at the coach’s feet - not at those professionals trying to help young people who come from all different backgrounds, certainly many not as stable as many of us.

Consistent as usual, Fred. You have no idea what you’re talking about, but someone should lose their job over it. :roll:

When I think of Sports Psychologists, I think of that little guy in the movie, “The Natural”… who kept saying, “Losing is a disease…as contagious as_____”. Guess our Sports Psych Doc will be saying, “Choking a big lead after halftime is a disease…” (over and over).