our finances are not rosy

direct quote from an AD search committee member, which then begs the question is it easier to hire a new Coach or new AD given that we are on a budget?

I think that the time is right to go hard after Norvell and see if home state discount can be sought??

AD looks pretty dire, same committee member says that Steinmetz wants an AD with experience only. To me that makes a short field of Derrick Gragg.

Stadium, buyouts and hires have us in a pinch. Is that a Long leftover?? dude who shared the info is a financial success and knows monies. We are not playing with a full deck when it comes to what we can buy.

Good point, with all the buyouts that we have going out, I think the obvious choice would be Norvell…

Makes you wonder what our finances would look like if revenue hadn’t essentially doubled on Long’s watch.

Makes you wonder what our finances would look like if Long hadn’t pulled the trigger on some of the booster-alienating changes that needed to be done and (per Clay’s reporting) JFB may have left for Long to address.

Makes you wonder if Long might have thought the extreme lost revenue from playing multiple games at WMS outweighed some boosters’ feel bads.

All that said, the Bielema buyout has to be considered. How much it was, exactly, determines whether I think it was a mistake or a major mistake.

I’m not confident we know the actual buyout number or will ever know it.

But, it’s hard for me to feel bad for the BOT when they paid one of the best ADs in America a lot of $ to go away.

So Arkansas elite and BOT types pound their chest again they will pay top dollar, but privately prefer to go low budget for UCA player and then deny all the above.

I hope leadership goes to the microphone and explains themselves.

Was time to move on but man, step up or step out.

I think leadership has dropped the mike. :wink:

Notorious, you comment on every post it it fits your agenda. You know damn well the financial comments made by the op aren’t legit.

Jerry it will depend on op source. If you look at 7 member search committee I can see one person that knows finances inside and out with connections to ford hunt Stephens etc. if that person says finances aren’t rosy, then he would be telling the truth

I occasionally work with municipalities and state governments. My experience with government businesses is that money is always tight. No matter how much money there is to spend, people in these situations always think there’s no money to spend. I’ve heard this type of thing so often that I now think nothing of hearing that there’s no money in the budget. There is ALWAYS money to be found when it’s so desired.

I do comment too much. I have no idea what my supposed agenda is. This is a message board, not six-nation peace talks.

I just pointed out a few considerations regarding how we got into financial trouble (or maybe avoided more).

I conceded that if Bielema’s buyout is huge (we will probably never know) then that is a definite strike against Long.

But I don’t damn well know any of the damn well financial considerations because I’m not on the damn well BOT.

What I do damn well know, from damn well being on some boards, is that if there were major mistakes like the ones you assume, they damn well should have been in Long’s performance reviews and he damn well should have been fired for something akin to cause, which damn well would have saved the UA a lot of $.

You’re showing you’re true intelligence notorious!

That’s what I thought. No real response so a throw away IQ jab.

Don’t know if it is fact or what but I have Aldo heard rumors about Long and some bad judgments in the athletic department. However the UofA never wants its dirty laundry out in public so they they possibly would give Long a pass.

So maybe a subordinate didn’t quite bring in revenues we hoped.

BOT fired him as AD and his coach.

BOT need step up and explain their plan.

As of now, it seems obvious other than pounding chest, they don’t have a plan.

If that’s true the BOT breached its duty to the UA by not firing him for cause and saving $5 million.

That’s why I seriously doubt it’s true or is exaggerated.

Otherwise, by quickly agreeing he wasn’t fired for cause wouldn’t they be making a very bad financial judgment?

Wouldn’t those mistakes be reflected (at the very least in passing) in his performance reviews?

Do y’all really think he made all these major errors and none of them were mentioned in his performance reviews?

As I understand the buyout, it is $5.9 million over 32 months, offset by future employment. He has to seek future employment to get the buyout. So let’s just say he gets a job for $3 mil. somewhere. Then, he would get $2.9 mil. from the UA over 32 months. It isn’t as terrible as it seems.

What if:

  1. Long committed fireable offenses
  2. Is likely to obtain employment elsewhere relatively quickly, thereby reducing/negating the buyout
  3. TPTB decide to give him an honorable discharge to allow him to save face knowing there are unlikely to be financial ramifications for doing so.

Lots and lots and lots of speculation, there.


What grew at a faster rate under Long…revenue or expenses? I don’t know the answer but just curious. I would guess revenue because of the SECN but I don’t know for sure. Of course that is manna from above and not the result of any management skill from anyone at any school.