Our fan base #2 on this list

Not sure if being ‘sensitive’ is complement or not.

What does Sensitive mean?


Paranoid, chip on our shoulder, think everyone is dissing us, etc. Which I can’t disagree with.


I guess sensitivity is a vital characteristic of Blue Bloods, huh?

I would guess they’re talking about how Arkansas fans respond to anything on social media. Good or bad.

I saw us rank really high on another list as well of this type. Where is this image of us coming from? Every fanbase has people who have bad takes, bad decisions, and bad attitudes. I recognize my bias here, but I find Auburn and A&M fans to be much worse.

I’m genuinely asking—don’t read this as a threat or a challenge. What is this based on?

Edit: okay, so it’s a social media thing? That’s why I don’t really see it. I’m not on the big platforms.

Maybe the author read social media messages of Razorback fans towards Michael Turner a few months ago

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I get angry and scream loudly when someone calls me sensitive.


This might have something to do with it: https://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2007/apr/17/razorback-internet-tale-truth-seeking-or–20070417/

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Winner winner chicken dinner…

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