Our Dudley Dawson

Aloha Dudley,

Thank-you for being the person you are. You always keep it real. Your insight and perspective is always sincere, even keel and honest. No Spin Dudley. Your respect of the recruits and their families is legendary. You have bravely shared with us your life’s challenges and the strength of your faith. As a die hard St Louis Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys fan, I was always proud to see you wearing your Cardinals shirts and ball caps and experiencing the Redbirds and Cowboys highs and lows together. How you became a Boston Celtics fan is a mystery.:flushed:. On a personal note, I deeply appreciate the time and effort you took on behalf of my daughter. You were under no obligation. However, your actions demonstrated the kind of man and person you are. We are so fortunate and blessed to call you our own on this Board. I feel like we are all ohana (family) here…arguing, crying, back slapping each other like brothers and sisters because you set the tone by welcoming us into your life. We’re pulling for you DD just like we would for any family member. Take your time recovering on the DL. You will always have a seat on the bench with us when you return.



Thanks so much

All great men have one tragic flaw.

Dudley, I have enjoyed all the in sight you have had for us as fans. Sometimes we fans must move on to places outside of our dear Arkansas. I Rawhide now live on the edge of Columbus, OH, but I wear my Razorback gear proudly when ever I can. I was sorry to hear you had 3 strokes. I have had 3 heart attacks, with no major damage, except I will live on blood thinners for the rest of my life.I have enjoyed everything you and others say on this website. This the only way I keep up with the Razorbacks, several times a day, just like now.

3 main things I know Dudley and I have in common. We are Razorback, Celtic, and Cowboy Fans. Sorry Dudley the Cardinals are 2nd of my favs in MLB.

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