Our DL looks like a Sun Belt DL....

Slow, no push, etc.

I question our strength and conditioning coach. I know it was small Arkansas HS FB, but Sosa was really quick in HS. He is our best DL, but appears to be slower than he was then. He jumped off the film as a 240-250 DE in HS. We put 35 more lbs on him here and I’m not sure that is the way to go.

I’m just speculating/frustrated at how weak we look at DL. I will add that the back 7 is not much better.

Our DL line was dominated by the worst team in the sun belt conference. And a bunch of young players at that.

Let that sink in.


“Body by Herb”

It’s amazing what lighting and angles can do in a picture! My daughter has helped me shave years off, and add tone!

More like picture by Herb, because it sure doesn’t show up on the field.

I’ll agree or DL looks bad, but when you have three DL going against five OL and a back, you have a 2 on 1 situation. Watching the game yesterday that’s what I saw more times than not.