Our discussions of a Hog Ring of Honor

Have reminded me that 2019 is the 125th anniversary of Razorback football. They did an all-century team for the centennial in 1994; wonder if anyone has thought of an updated version for the quasquicentennial (which is actually the word for a 125th anniversary).

Clay, maybe you can sic Matt on that one for HI since he obviously doesn’t have enough to do. :smiley:

Great idea. :smiley:

Great idea Jeff.

I nominate you to get it going. As a former sports writer and history close to the program you are very qualified. And probably have much more time than Matt.


Well, since Jeff has just started a new job (along with a move across the country), he might not have all that much free time. :sunglasses:

True. I’m back on the old 2014-2017 schedule, working 12-hour overnight shifts, which mean I’m basically either working or sleeping. I could probably do a 125th anniversary team, but I’d make too many people mad, I suspect.