Our Defense

After as bad a start as a Defense could have, our D really turned the tables on the bully who had been kicking sand in their faces. They got us back into the game with the two T.O.'s late in the first half, then actually outscored the rebellious ones in the second half. Incredible turnaround. The absence of Sosa in the first Quarter was glaring. Shows you how valuable that guy is to our team. I hope they can play at the level they played after OM’s last TD for the rest of the season. If they do, anything is possible.

Amen, they haven’t quit playing for CBB as many had thought and posted this week. To show the integrity this coach has he knows full and well his job is on the line and he sits Agim for the first quarter of this game for disciplinary reasons anyway because that’s what’s best for the player. I’m sure the parents that have sons playing for CBB are thankful and appreciative of the fact that our coach puts the growth of these young men ahead of what’s best for himself. We may replace CBB next year that’s yet to be seen but we will never have another coach who is more devoted to making every player a better man when they leave the University of Arkansas than when they arrived. Not sure you can put a price tag on that kind of character in your coach ! WPS

i was impressed with the recovery of the defense, but they are still far from good. We have the talent that we have and that is who we are for the rest of the year. I am very concerned that our starters played too much on Defense in the back 7. We just don’t have depth to survive the 2nd half consistently.

I think after next week, we may have some momentum.

I agree. I would like to see some back up LB’s and Safeties play next week.

Rhoads did a good job with adjustments. Big plays killed us early but our defense made some good adjustments at half time. OM had a lot of yards on a handful of big plays in the first half.
First half OM had 33 plays for 416 yards and 31 points.
Second half: OM had 26 plays for 169 yards and 6 points.

I thought a turning point defensively was when McTelvin Agim came into the game. Ole Miss went after that side some, including on the big touchdown run on the second play.

The Rebels had 253 yards of offense in the first quarter, but finished with 313 the rest of the game.

That’s an interesting point about Agim. He makes a big impact with very little help. He could blossom next year if Gooden shows up at NG to draw double teams that loosen up Agim.

To me the turning point was when their (I believe) tight end was stiff arming fighting for more yardage and as a result fumbled. If he kept both hand on the football, even if tackled ten yards earlier, the way Ole Miss was moving the ball, I believe they would have scored another touchdown and the game would been over as it would have been impossible for Arkansas to overcome such a huge deficit.

A couple things…

I think most folks forget we changed defensive schemes in the off season.

We are at a point where we can see improvement in our defense as they adjust to the scheme and see it on tape. they are 8 games into the season. That’s a lot of adjusting and film to look at.

I think one point for that is how we made adjustments that actually worked. We all know that’s been rare.

Our defense will not be great and highly unlikely it will be good. However, it can be decent if the kids are adjusting to the new scheme and gaining confidence.

No doubt that was the key play of the game. Remember stripping the ball away from our receivers is what allowed Carolina to bury us. It was good to see us be the strippers and not the stripees yesterday.

Still have to quit giving up the big plays. Were great early in the season against the big play, but not so much in the last four games.

There is some talent and some heart on the defense. Santos turned the game around with the strip, Kevin Richardson seems to always be around the ball, Scoota looks like a Bama player, Sosa is a beast, Curl has a bright future, Greenlaw has a lot of natural talent, we miss Pulley’s athleticism.

-Pulley coming back with Curl and Calloway is an impressive group of corners
-Safety has been the concern - Santos returns next year but we need Buster Brown to show out and Micah Smith to turn it on. We need new talent at Safety but…
-Our starting LB’s are pretty good but lose Eugene to graduation. We need some new talent and some other guys to step up from injuries.
-Gooden will make Sosa better and vice versa. They are going to draw double teams that free up one of them. TJ Smith, Marshal, and Guidry have been making progress.