Our defense was great, but Franks needs some love too

Felipe got bashed pretty hard last week. This week, he did exactly what we need from him if we can get our running game going. He played an error free game, was 20/28 for 212 yards, 2 TDs, and no INTs. He also got a badly needed 1st down with his running. His QBR was more than twice as high as Costello’s. Yes, our offense sputtered too many times, but his stats were darned good considering we had no running game tonight to help the passing game.

Franks can still improve and I think he will, as Briles improves his play calling, which I believe he also will.

I’m excited about this next week. There is no team, head coach, and OC that I want to beat more than Auburn, Gus and Morris!


And they probably feel the same toward us.

Uh no. At best we’d be third on their priority list, and they lost one of the top two last night. The other one, of course, is those red elephants in Tuscaloosa.

Briles has some head scratcher calls. Not sure I’ve bought into his competence. But we’ll see. Franks has learned you can win a game if you don’t throw dumb picks. That’s been his Achilles heel in the past. I thought he played good last night. Not perfect but certainly good. He had a big role in winning that game.


I would love to hear Briles explain why we never went back to the short passing game that we used on the touchdown drive when went straight down the field with hardly any resistance,is the only drive this year where the offense has actually been in rhythm. I mean seriously ,if it’s not broke why try to fix it??? I know we will never hear the reasons but I sure as heck would like to know why.

I thought our OLine stepped up. And give lots of credit to Warren. Love that guy and he stepped up. Those fancy plays seem to blow up in our face.


Pretty good chance MSU adjusted its defense to take away those short passes. Especially without the threat of Boyd.

I did not see any difference, if I had to guess he was just trying to run clock, doesn’t trust the decision making just yet with Franks. I will look at the film to be sure.

Franks played much better with fewer mistakes tonight. If a team plays good defense and doesn’t turn the ball over, they have a chance to win…that is a Frank Broyles axiom and one we rode to many victories, including one tonight.

I am so happy for the players, coaches and the fans.

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I thought we got conservative on offense and played more not to lose than playing to win. That said, they did just enough. Mistakes, sure, but 21-14 is what matters in the end.

We were playing pretty short-handed on offense after losing Burks and Boyd.

To Briles credit, he got good production out of Warren and got Knox and Henry into the mix. Franks showed some improvement over week one in decision making, but I think he’s still feeling his way. Both Briles and Franks had to adjust on the fly after losing two of the biggest offensive weapons we’ve got, and we got a win. Going forward, I think it’s a mild positive for Briles, Franks and the offense as a whole both that we did improve over week one and we did it without our best two proven playmakers.

Our plays after scoring to make it 21-7:
10 yard pass
5 run
2 run
-2 run
-5 pass with block in the back
4 pass
Incomplete pass
Lost fumble on reverse
No gain
6 run
3 run
No gain
Pass for no gain
2 run
11 yard pass
Take a knee three times.

I count nine pass plays called, a reverse which blew up, and eight other runs, until we went into victory formation. Not sure where you get playing not to lose. We didn’t execute very well, and we had horrible field position after the two fourth down stops.

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I figure their Bama hatred as long term bone deep obvious.
Like the OU/Texas and Ole Miss/MSU rivalries.

Yep. If you go back and look, they did a different look that took that away. :+1:

I went back and watch the game,IMO they did not do much different after we scored. They occasionally brought somebody up tight on us but most of the time they were 8 to 10 yards off and they were never really closer than 10 to 12 yards on our slot receiver,could have raised up and threw it to him anytime we wanted.we had a couple of people flashing across the middle but Franks just looked at them and didn’t throw it. I just think we’re a little tentative and not wantng to make a mistake in a close game,which is understandable, but the offense is going to have to win a lot of these games, so we are going to have to start taking some chances.I’m so proud of our kids for pulling this game out hopefully this will give us some confidence going forward.

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