Our defense played very well

…and I saw some encouraging signs offensively. Its still obvious receivers aren’t in tune with TY.

And we knew we wouldn’t be able to pass block them. We actually ran the ball ok.

Then…there was special teams. It was like the New England Patriot special teams versus Flippin Middle school.

We need to punt out of bounds. Keep everyone in to protect. I’m only half kidding.

227 total yds!! incredible performance! very impressed with them

Looked a lot bette today!

I am very proud of this defense! The defense is much better with Ramsey, Greenlaw and Richardson back. Agim, Watts, TJ Smith, Ramsey, Guidry all stood out on Dline. It was very noticeably improved with Greenlaw out there.

Greenlaw and a healthy Randy Ramsey. We aren’t 1-3 if we had them in the last few games. At least we hang on in Fort Collins IMO.

Oh well.

There is a ray of hope now though. Offense and defense much improved. almost 300 yards total offense against Auburn with abominable field position

Last two games we’ve given up 601 yards. Total. But because of turnovers, short fields and horrible special teams, we’ve also given up 75 points.

Our defense has been pretty good if you deduct the turnovers, short fields and horrible special teams; but I think the turnovers could be improved now that Storey is less risky at QB. The turnovers create short fields. The Special teams will be difficult to improve with so little quality depth to put on special teams. The lack of speed is painfully obvious.