Our defense keeps getting better

Earlier in the season it was kinda mediocre, especially after Bama and LSU blitzed us.

But now, Pomeroy has us as the #8 adjusted defense in the country, at 0.89 adjusted points per possession. The only defenses left in the tournament better than ours are Bama, USC and Houston. But not Baylor.

ORU actually did a little better than that with 70 points in 74 possessions, but it wasn’t 1 PPP. Neither was our offense, either.

What about our offense? It seems to be going down. But we are due. Hopefully Baylor’s defense will allow us to get rolling. We are going to have to hit more than 1 three against them tomorrow.

I think we’re gonna need 1 PPP Monday night, but I could be wrong. I’d gladly take coming out on the right side of a 62-58 slugfest.

I believe it’s pretty much S.O.P. that offensive efficiencies decline for all good teams as they progress through the Tournament. I don’t have any data to back that up, but It’s just in keeping with the old adage that defense wins championships.

We proved that to be true, when our 93/94 team, that averaged over 93 ppg, won the championship game 76-72 with fantastic defense in that final game.


Arkansas’ offensive efficiency for the season is the lowest among the 12 remaining teams entering today’s games – 110.8 points per 100 possessions.

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I wonder what those numbers are for tourney for elite 8

Through three NCAA Tournament games:

Arkansas — Offense: 0.99 PPP, Defense: 0.90 PPP
Baylor — Offense: 1.04 PPP, Defense: 0.81 PPP
Houston — Offense: 1.05 PPP, Defense: 0.81 PPP
Oregon State — Offense: 1.01 PPP, Defense: 0.87 PPP

Well they keep changing things today, when I was looking at kenpom earlier today we were 7th in effective defense, when you posted an hour ago we were 8th. . .now we are 9th at 89.1. . . . we keep getting worse and we are not even playing. I am guessing maybe they are going through and adjusting the PbP

Kenpom also says Baylor has a 72% chance of beating us, projected score of 79 to 72. Also said yesterday we were 80+ percent to beat ORU but I’d say it was a heck of a lot closer than that. 50.00001 percent would’ve been closer.

I’m just saying that kenpom is not a great predictor, especially this year with the minimal games between conferences.

followup here, the way I recall that kenpom works is that it auto parses the official PBP. . . wonder if they go through and manually fix things missed in the official PbP.

Possible that Moo U playing/losing earlier affected our numbers.

Wait what, they are still playing . . .well not anymore.

Moo U lost in the NIT final to Memphis.

Yea I got it. . . it was a joke. . guess it didn’t work.

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