Our defense is so bad

so many bad switches. The double teams DO NOT WORK.

We may still win with offense, but yet again a poor defensive club in Coach Anderson’s SIXTH YEAR.

It amazes me how many wide open shooters for Miss State.

I don’t believe the hogs have a defense, they constantly leave the same guys wide open, they usually get out rebounded, and no inside game at all. It’s the same crap over and over.

It’s time for a change. I don’t care about recruiting. This is just shameful.

Out coached. Out quicked. Out rebounded. Out shot. At home.

We hadn’t been aggressively pressuring for the last month. Why he brought it back for this game is a mystery.

I had to stop watching the game before the end of the first half. I knew we were going to lose. I have watched Anderson’s teams during his tenure here and consistently see lack of basic fundamentals with his teams. I have said before that sound fundamental basket ball teams will beat us a majority of the time.

With Mikes DNA being defense, I have to admit it is shocking how soft we are on d.

No way it is all coaching in my view.

I honestly think we just don’t have the talent to run D.

With respect to the kids we have, we just don’t have the athleticism or long arms and are undersized and under talented in several areas.

We need large talent infusion which seems more obvious to me now that we have moved beyond those small schools that give us misleading record.

I’m sure we have seen worse executed D over last forty years but hard to remember much worse than this.

An opponent seems to have better than 50 percent chance to go length of court on transition without going untouched for layup.

You would see that sometimes under Nolan but he wanted to get you in hurry up and we would be just as aggressive ourselves going back their way. We seem passive on D half court and transition.
D rebounding is atrocious but that’s another whole bucket. Heard Mike say in time out to block out. I honestly wonder if we just don’t have the kindnofntalent to compete.

Not as much as these comments.