Our defense is pathetic

Disappointing to say the least

I’m not st all convinced Chavis is the answer

Incredible. So pathetic. Everything starts with stopping the run. Awful.

Same old story, we just run out of gas late.
Hopefully more depth in the next few years will help.

I’m not giving up on Chavis yet. I do realize these are the same players that has gotten their ass ripped the past 3 years.

He hasn’t been the answer since LSU ran him out of town.

Neither were the previous 3 DC’s that we ran out of town, who recruited this defense.
At least Chavis & his staff have gotten much better results recruiting so far. Just have to see what does with them.

While I’m ready for next year, I’m really worried who steps in next year. If Agim, Harris, and Pulley declare for the NFL, there’s a huge void that the roster may not be able to fill.

Doubt you have to worry about that, none have had an impressive enough season to get a grade high enough worth leaving. I’d bet they are all back.

Never said he can’t recruit, I think he’s a good recruiter.

He’s just not as good calling the plays as he once was. We shouldn’t be getting thumped by Vandy. Plain and simple, our defense should be able to make adjustments.

Defense just had a major fistfight on sidelines.

Who was involved?

I would miss Agim and Harris. Graduation will help this defense!

Fight with who themselves or Vandy?

I had turned the game off…who were fighting??

Next year will be better but only marginally. Too many holes to fill. I love Storey’s grit but much of momentum is generated at that position and we aren’t getting enough there. Very little depth at LB. on two touchdowns, #21 could have made plays but whiffed. Won’t even talk about #9 on defense. It’s going to be two years before we play competitive SEC football at a minimum.

our defense looks like they do not want to tackle are they afraid of the other team

Anyone on this defense that thinks he has shown that they are ready to be an early entry for the NFL draft is completely delusional.
None of those three are going to get a good draft report at the close of this season and should all be back if they really want an opportunity to play at the NFL level in the future.
As a matter of fact, I think Agim has completely underperformed at Arkansas thus far based on his star rating coming out of high school.
Pulley hasn’t grown as much as his freshman season might have suggested he would to this point and seems to have some issues keeping his cool with stupid personal fouls.
Harris is really good and will probably get a shot at the NFL, but he still has work to do.

Go Hogs!