Our coaching is awful!

We are never lined up correctly on defense.

Why is Hicks still in the game?

When is the last time Chavis has been any good?

Special teams coaching is the worst I’ve ever seen. We keep fielding kicks that are going to get someone killed or fumble.

This is the worst defense that i’ve ever seen.

I have to agree. I’m on the 30 yd line and can watch how we are getting dominated by MSU.

This game probably ended the Morris era.

We can only hope!

And it’s the worst offense I’ve seen. Combined, that’s makes for the worst team and head coach in Razorback history!

All the talk about firing the head coach is great, but are we willing to pay what it will take to hire a head coach as well as pay for quality assistant coaches? As a result of poor hires in the recent past and lost revenue will HY have to look at generating revenue by dropping some non-revenue sports to cover the buyout or buyouts that presently exist or will exist?

Coaches should not get paid a buyout for these types of win loss records…ever.

We may have to float a bond issue to pay for Morris’s buyout, so I will be the first to offer to buy a bond. You know they are good for it. Whatever it takes.

Would be great and all, but that’s not the way it works.

I feel for HY. This fiasco is not his doing. It was that potted plant Peoples and all the Board members who thought they could play AD. Enough is enough. CCM is damaging the football program by continuing to field abysmal teams like this. The powers at the University and Alumni can come up with the money for a buyout. And perhaps find CCM a nice High School program he can coach.