Our class

Is being decimated before our eyes.

At least we aren’t hurting UCF’s.

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Can’t hurt something that’s already dead.

I think you will see traction in the tight end that was committed to Stanford who has decommitted. That may be a better player but one that will help if we can land him.

There are a couple of UCF athlete types for defense from Florida that have decommitted and may be looking to land with us.

I will also state that I think as the bowls progress we will see more portal movement and that could very well be where big moves are made for this class

Good points here, Pike. I know it sucks to see the losses mounting up, but I truly believe CSP is going to end up having upgraded the roster by the time the dust settles. I wish it was happening faster, but as we all know there is a lot of talent that hasn’t completed bowl season yet. We need some experience in several areas and are waiting to get the final decision on a few players like McG at CB. I expect we will bring in more transfers at TE, WR, LB, S, CB, and DL. We need a lot of help.

These days, I think we should feel comfortable with a rollercoaster ride. I bet we gain some good ones for the ones we lost.


Change! That one word caused the commitments to go elsewhere and a few players to hit the portal. Slusher got I. Trouble and he hit the portal. You can’t let players do what they want. There has to be standards. As far as NIL goes who blinked how all this shakes out. This is new territory and we are in for a ride.

we got the 13th best overall prospect in the ON3 transfer rankings (big focus for their site) and that is a damm big deal. Still more than a few open and fluid portal entrants:

UCF has portal LBrs that would be of interest to us, so maybe something happens to please CSP

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