Our Bullpen

Looked shaky tonight at times but was great exposure. Can’t give up all these walks against good teams &win. Glad we had a large lead to get a lot of these guys some experience on college baseballs biggest stage. So happy for the win over Texas.

This was atypical. Our pattern is starter-Reindl-Cronin. Last two not used today. We may need both Tuesday night.

Was thinking the same thing Swine. Save them for when we NEED them.

The walks are just unbelievable! You have a big lead and just don’t throw strikes. Loeske got tired! He had a good outing overall. Ramage got tired too! He warmed up in the bull pen twice today!
Scroggins started throwing strikes after he had a couple of base runners.
I hope Jake Rheindl and Matt Cronnin are ready Tuesday Night!

Under a closer game some of these youngsters wouldn’t have been in. That said they are our future… so getting them in a CWS game is invaluable

Yes. They won’t be as awed next time. I suspect Reindl had such a bad outing against SC last week is that he knew we could eliminate them. He just felt the pressure. I bet he’ll be better because of it. It’s behind him.

Jake just wasn’t himself in that one outing. He can get the job done. We will need him.

I don’t think we can complain about it too much. Think about it: these guys sat for more than four hours after the game had started before finally getting into a ballgame that had lost some of its intensity because of the score. It’s a big stage, especially for the young guys who don’t tend to pitch much in big games. They’ll be alright.

Exactly. It was a big ask to bring Loseke back in two hours later. He got two outs so we were all right, but it could have blown up on us too.