Our biggest needs from the portal and how are we doing so far?

Below is my guess on our needs that we hope the portal will address and, so far, how we are doing:

  1. QB - Big get in Criswell and Singleton seems firm. Unless the next Heisman winnder drops in our lap, we are done here.

  2. Defensive Line - A few rumors but mostly crickets so far.

  3. Defensive Backs - We got several good ones looking at us so signs are hopeful.

  4. Wide Receiver - Got us another long and fast wideout committed and a couple of good ones looking. Getting Ketron Jackson to come back out of the portal would be really good. Hornsby did it last year. Maybe they can work their magic one more time.

  5. Tight End - If Loggains goes, our tight end recruits may drop one or two. We need a contributor that can block AND catch at that position very badly right now. I am surprised this has not been a focus. So far, no mention of any portal tight ends considering us.

  6. Offensive Line - We got a great commit from Florida so I think we are done here, again, unless a can’t miss player comes along.

  7. Linebacker - Probably should be higher but Pooh and his buddies coming up look really good there. Maybe a real “leader of the defense” type LB might be nice if one is out there.

  8. Best players available. - We just need to build our depth towards SEC standards, so any great young player at any position is sorely needed.

I think a couple of A&M’s good receivers hit the portal. Might be good to get one of them.


Would expect most recruits & players are on hold pending Arkansas hiring a defensive coordinator & the asst coaches in place.

Also, I expect more portal prospects to enter after playoff games are complete like what happened last year with Alabama and Georgia entries which benefitted Arkansas at that time.


Good point!

BTW, Brini did not play in the NCG last year for Jawja, although he did hit the portal after the game. Sanders did play for Bama.

Tight End just jumped to 4. ahead of WR. Knox just announced he is entering the portal and rumor is he is going to South Carolina with Dowell Loggains.

Just lovely!!

You know what, “F” college football

If true I’d say Loggains may have burnt a bridge to ever coaching again on the hill. I’d light the fire if true.


My angry response to Knox following him. I’m over it. Think before you post…. :wink:


SC did lose their TE to FL and he also had a good year. Cannot be better humans as coaches than Beamer and Sam. Whatever Rattler decides should be influential.

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