Our best O-line since?

Well at least 2015. The 2015 team was Bielema’s best team, and I believe was the last year that Sam was our O-line coach.I believe that this year’s bunch has a chance to be even better and could be our best since the Hurricane Andrews years. Thoughts?

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This is a very experienced group but we are missing a vital piece of it in LT,Jones,Crawford,Latham Manuel look to be the ones I have heard may get chances there,I think Crawford may have the best skill set overall but Jones was getting a lot of work with the 1’s so we will see.
I think we can have a very good yr but this is not a big Mauling overpowering OL,they are good bc their experience allows them to play well together,they have seen all the looks and know how to attack them…we must stay healthy bc I’m not sure what kind of depth we have.


I don’t think we (the fans) yet know just how good Crawford is going to be, but CSP has made some statements to lead us to believe he is going to be pretty phenomenal. Or that he has the potential to be…

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You may have to go to 2002 to find a better one. That year, Jason Peters, Shawn Andrews, Josh Melton, Bo Lacy, Nathan Ball, etc. were extremely talented. I don’t think we have anyone now who will play ten plus years in the pros like Peters and Andrews.

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I never would have thought Peters would play for 10 years. He wasn’t drafted, was cut and changed positions when he was with the Bills. It took about three years before they realized where he should play.

NFL success hinges so much on personal commitment that is hard to evaluate until they are in that role, but Stromberg strikes me as one who has a chance to play professionally for a while.

IMO they won’t be quite as good as 2015 in as far as physical tools. Coaching/skillset and experience, tho, is pretty even. Give it a couple of years and we could be talking best ever.

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Yeah a lot of guys have"Potential"we got to start having all these 4* guys we brought in a couple of years ago to start playing rather than watching! We really need Crawford to take that position because he is the most physically gifted of the ones that have been talked about, balls in his court! We will see what he does with it


He was like Matt Jones. He insisted on playing a position that was not best suited to his skills. I have fond memories of Peters and Andrews side by side mowing down the ShortHorns in Austin. How in the world does a future perrenial all-pro left tackle end up at tight end?


That group was way more physical than this group here, they came off the ball and just mauled you! This group here has success because they have played together for a while, they know what they’re doing,they’re a step ahead on most plays and that allows them to do what they do.
We will never have two players side by side as dominant as Shawn Andrews and Jason Peters they routinely just walked their men off the line of scrimmage and that is rare at the SEC level. They were literally grown men against boys


I don’t recall Jason demanding to play any position.

Yeah HDN had him at tight end, just one of many puzzling decisions he made while the coach here.

Having Matt at QB before he became a high-profile NFL WR, having George Wilson at WR when he became a very solid safety for the Bills.

I will always have an asterisk by the 2015 bunch because of the odd penalties that afflicted them. They don’t inspire thoughts as a great passing OL but that could be more the players around them. That, too, compromises the 2003-ish line with Peters and Andrews - run-heavy system means we don’t know if they were an elite pass OL. Recollection can be rudely reset with stats, and I’ve not looked this up.

The best OL of the Hatfield era is hard to calculate given the poor competition. I can go back to the Steve Korte, et al, lines of the late 70s and remember t hem fondly. Was it the 76 Bowl team that had 4 NFL players on it? Another top line (two from the 70s!) but the recollection is run-first and passing was merely functional. Pretty dad gum good “functional” just like the 2003 and 2015 lines.

All of that to say that this line could be the finest all-around OL because we will pass enough to show off that side of their skillset.

It is rare to have so much back all at once - outside of Burks, Cunningham, and Kern, we aren’t missing many pieces from 2021. Second and third options at WR behind Thompson are needed but the talent exists to step up. TE will be less the black hole it has been. All of that helps the OL look better.

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Those all sound like moronic moves until you factor in several very important equations like perhaps
(a) said athlete may have been promised or guaranteed to play a certain position.
(b) where athlete ended up playing is where they needed to fill position the most.(usually the case)

I’m certainly not saying that was the case, but considering the possible circumstances.

I agree. Plus, sometimes it doesn’t matter as much the visible talent as it does just PLAYING YOUR
FRIGGING HEART OUT on every play because you WANT to do it for that coach(es).

Then I stand corrected. We have had a lot of players who came to us because we would let them play their preferred position while others wanted them at their best position for their skill set. KJ is our latest example. I thought Jason was one of those. His team mate, Matt Jones, was for sure. I have no doubt that your memory on this is far better than mine. Thanks for staying active on the board in between your fishing trips.

Jason started out at defensive end. I believe John Thompson decided there were too many busts or mental mistakes in regards to technique and assignments. Never mind he made plays in the spring game. The offensive coaches then asked for him. Depth and size was not great at tight end so that’s where they put him.

When Matt got to Fayetteville, he could throw the ball 70 yards. He hurt his shoulder, I believe between the freshman and sophomore year throwing in the summer, and was never the same after that. Without that shoulder injury, I think MJ could have played QB in the NFL.

Jason Peters was an outstanding OL at UA while playing TE. I agree with your comment to some extent since the NFL did not fully recognize his potential. He deserves a place of honor in the Top Razorback OL of the past 25 years for his play as a Razorback and also for grit.

I would not put Jason as the top UA offensive lineman. Shawn Andrews was better. And no one was better than Brandon Burlsworth. Seriously, Brandon routinely blocked two men per play and sometimes three.

Jason was the best pro. But he was not a great great college player or he would have been drafted.


The Burls. What a tragedy! All Arkansas fans were proud of that guy but us hometown Goblins were really proud!