Our best game last year was Tennessee...

in Bud Walton when we somehow managed to beat the Vols. I have not seen Tennessee play this year, but they were really good last year. What does everyone expect? I don’t expect to win, but we might surprise them by playing well. Can Gafford have a game like he did against LSU? That is what is needed to make this a game…

Arkansas 73
Tennessee 85

Wouldn’t bet 10 cents on this game.

Tennessee is legit. I don’t really see any weaknesses in their game other than struggles against fast teams. Gafford could have a big game again against their bigs. We’ve got to protect the perimeter.

I predict a low scoring game.

Arkansas 64 Tennessee 63(I’ll always pick Arkansas till the other team proves me otherwise).

The Vols are for real. To beat them you have to win the battle on the boards. If Jones and Gafford can repeat their performance from the LSU game and get help from Joe I think it’s possible. Another point we will have to be good on the free throw line.
Hogs 71
Vols 64.

I don’t ever predict a hogs loss!

I would love to see the Hogs beat the Vols tomorrow night, but in order for them to pull that off they will need to improve in several areas.
1: Gafford can’t get into early foul trouble and be a force on both ends of the floor.
2: Isiah Joe has to regain his shot.
3: Reggie Cheney will need to play like a man (which he can).
4: Mason Jones just needs to continue his very good play.
5: Harris needs to continue to handle the point as he has done by limiting turnovers and dishing the rock.
6: Shoot at least 70% from the FT line.
7: Shoot around 45% from the field.
8: Hit the boards and limit 2nd chance points.
9: Adrio Bailey has to let his athleticism fly and be disruptive on defense.
10: Gabe need not take a single 3 point shot, just hit the boards and take a charge or two.
11: Desi Sills needs to be a pest on the ball defensively, get some steals and run outs for layups for himself or a teammate.

If they can collectively do most of these things then it should be a very good game, if not, the game could possibly get away from them early and this is not the type of team and environment that will allow you to claw your way back from an early deficit.

Go Hogs!

TN may very well be the best team in the country right now. Their 3 SEC wins are by an average score of 87-60. Two of those 3 games were road games at MO and FL. Their one home game was a 96-50 shellacking of GA. Their 2 road wins were 78-67 at FL and 87-63 at MO. FL played played by far their best game of the year and still lost at home by double digits. If we lose by 15 on their home court, we probably will have played by far our best game of the year.

In nearly every game this year, we have played to the level of our competition. I hope we can pull off a miracle and do that at TN tomorrow night.

I was shocked to see that we were only a 15 1/2 point underdog in Vegas. I guess they were looking at all of our 5 losses being really close scores.

Being a big underdog may play in our favor. For some reason our freshmen seem to have better games away from Bud.
Just hope we don’t get killed on the boards with TN getting 2nd & 3rd chances & put backs on offense.

I’m a hogs fan always have been and I suspect I always will be with that being said…I’m a realist also!..Therefore I predict TN to win by 30 until the hogs show me otherwise I think that is fair…The fact remains that our offense has yet to find a flow this season we have no true go to scorer who is consistent outside of maybe Mason Jones… barford and macon put great pressure on defenses last year with their shot making ability even against good defense while we have guys missing wide open threes and shooting ducks at the free throw strip…

We have lost countless games this year that we should have won i.e. GA Tech (at home), Western Kentucky (at home), Florida (at home), and LSU (at home)… SO tell me why should I pick us to win a game we are not suppose to win (on the road)?

If we manage to lose by 10 we played really well but truly there are no moral victories…Losing by 10 to a top 10 team would only make losing the previous games more of a stomach ulcer…

Arkansas is 7-8 ATS, however 3-0 on the road ATS. Do with that what you will.

I’m pretty stupid—what is ATS— thanks

Agree that we will lose by somewhere around 30. We will probably get killed on the boards especially on the offensive glass and we still have not proven we can consistently make free throws. That is a recipe for disaster on the road.


You’re just like me… I can put out a prediction for future games and say we’ll probably lose this game, but when it’s game day I can’t pick against the Hogs either lol.

I will say it’s going to be a tough one tonight, but these are the kind of games that can completely change a season around. We know from looking at the past, unless it’s just a historically good team, even the best team in conference is going to take 2 or 3 losses in conference play, no reason why we can’t be the team to give Tennessee their first loss. Need Joe to find his rhythm this game and Gafford to have another monster night.

I agree about Joe and Gafford, but we need Harris to play better (6 assists, 5 TO vs LSU), and Jones to be the guy he’s been the last two games. A big night from Chaney, Sills, and Simpson wouldn’t hurt either (or Gabe or Adrio)

Hopefully Chaney starts tonight and from here on out CMA plays him 25+ minutes a night, he’s by far our 2nd best forward behind Gafford. If Bailey continues to start and play 20+ MPG I might lose it. His time needs to be cut to around 12-15 MPG. Gabe is already in that range, that’s where we need both of them at. Any more than that and both of those guys are a huge liability.

Our young Hogs have been given lessons at home by teams that wouldn’t this time next year… they are about to get the biggest lesson of all against a very talented and well coached team. It could get ugly fast…

we have seen the growth in the Vols over the past 3 years…from able to handle them fairly easy, to tough win at home last year and blown out by Vols at the SEC tourney last year. I look at their inside game and think what Cheney is going to look like in 2 years! They took their lumps just as this young team is taking them right now, but they will get their revenge.

I fear that the hogs have a pretty significant thumping coming their way tonight

Last years experienced team when they fell behind they just quite showing very little fight this team however shows more fight and heart. They might get beat but they will leave everything they have on the floor.

Ding, ding, ding…Finally someone gets it. Thank you

You got that right and it could be as soon as next year.

This will be a reality check as to just how far we are from the nation’s elite teams…