our "best 5", as of now

is pretty clear.

Gafford, Bailey, Harris, Joe, Mason

that can change and almost certainly will, but large drop off after those, at this point

Sills and 13 seem to be the closest to being solid after taht, with Gabe strugglig and Chaney not doing much yet.

Going to be fun watching all these players develop.


I see some flashes from Chaney. I think he’ll step up.

I watched Chaney last year a few times and he is flat out tough. I think he will surprise all of us once he gets going.
Desi and Emery will contribute. Gabe has to settle into his role and stop getting the ball like its on fire and throw up a shot. He’s forcing it right now trying too hard. Once he calms down on offense he will be fine. We need all of the hogs players to play week together.

Mason Jones is #13? Do you mean #11, Embery-Simpson?

yes, Embery-simpson, sorry about that, I’m still learning the roster! and the USA jerseys against Tx didn’t help

Yeah, Embery is coming on and is the most likely to become the scorer the bench needs. If I remember right, I believe he was dinged up during fall practice and is a little behind. This last game, he looked more comfortable on the floor, especially on defense, where he had 2 steals. He’s got a nice looking shot and I would expect his 3s to start dropping. He did make one Sunday and was 2-2 from the FT line, while leading the bench with 7 points.